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  1. biggamike

    Pharmalady Touchdown!!!

    Wow!! Only took 11 days total to receive my order. Pharmalady was even kind enough to throw in a few extra goodies as well. I'd like to thank her and her team for their professionalism and top notch customer service. It's time to cut up baby!!! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. biggamike

    Robo and Pharma Lady Gains!!!

    Just received my order from PharmaLady today. This is only my 2nd time working with her but she and Cbbram were professional as always! Took about 2 weeks to receive the order but good things come to Bros who wait!...and she is far more popular(for Good reason) now than she was a couple of years...
  3. biggamike

    BroHammer TV's 20 week Brotamorphosis!

    What good brothers? I don't post much like I've done in the past but I haven't went anywhere. Just wanted to let the real bros know that I reached another breaking point in the my fitness/swoleness journey and recently started a 20 week transformation series that I'm documenting on my YouTube...
  4. biggamike heard of this site

    What's up bros?!?! I haven't posted in a while. Received an interesting, unsolicited email today from They supposedly sell legit Balkan gear. Not sure how they got my email but has anyone else ever heard of this site? Seems kinda weird to me. I'm waiting on my order from Robo anyway...
  5. biggamike

    Nagging Injuries just come with the territory I guess...

    Good morning Brothers! As I find myself limping around the house because I guess I rolled my ankle in my sleep last night, I realized that I've been training around little nagging injuries and pains for months now. Maybe I'm getting old...I'll be 33 in a couple of weeks. I hurt my left...
  6. biggamike

    Prami dosing mistake!

    So I took my first dose of Prami Tuesday night. I'm running Tren E at 400mg a week in my current cycle. Like a dumbass I misread the dose on the bottle which is 2mg per ML. My intention was to take .25mg...for some reason, maybe because it was so late I thought it was 1mg per ML so instead of...
  7. biggamike

    Rant!: People that put a price on their health!

    So I get a call from my Mother this morning and she tells me that she is considering getting the lapband procedure so that she can finally lose weight. She said that it was going to cost $9000 to get done but its worth it. I went into a speech about how her priorities and mentality needs to...
  8. biggamike

    Pharma Lady for the win!

    Just wanted to give a brief review of my experience with Pharma Lady so far. I placed an for some T-bol and Proviron on Friday 9/30. I received the package...delivered to my door yesterday at 10am 10/08! As far as I'm concerned that's an astonishing turn around for international service. The...
  9. biggamike

    What you training today??

    Good Morning brothers!! I know most of us trained over the weekend...I know I did. What are you guys training today? Are you observing international chest day today? I hit back last night so I'm going to train chest and hit some "light" shoulders which means mostly laterals, front and rear...
  10. biggamike

    Robo Gear Porn: Christmas in September courtesy of Robo Clause!

    Placed my order on Monday and received this blessing today. Not starting my next cycle until the first week of November but I just couldn't resist taking advantage of the BOGO sale for the best Test I've ever got my hands on. I want to pin so bad right now but good things come to Bros who wait!
  11. biggamike

    6 months of Test and Deca....WITH NO PCT!!!!!

    This is the crap that Dylan has talked about in numerous videos. I've personally never gone without some kind of PCT so I wouldn't be able to speak on this kind of stupidity from a personal standpoint. But Damn man...this vid has over 36K views. Think about how many guys have actually followed...
  12. biggamike

    Philosophy on Training/Rest Days

    Good Morning Brothers! I know that everyone has their own training splits, styles and favorite exercises that we've all tried throughout years of training. I'd like to know what are your thoughts on Rest days. Do you guys like active rest days as in doing maybe 30mins-60mins of low to moderate...
  13. biggamike

    Pharmacom Tbol and Proviron?

    Would anyone that has used Pharmacon's Tbol and Proviron be willing to give me your review on them? I'm pretty much convinced that I'm rolling with them for those orals based on everything I've seen here and Darius coming across as super cool and professional. Thanks in Advance Bros!
  14. biggamike

    Prami dosing for Tren

    Good Evening Brothers! I'll be running Tren during my next cycle dosed at 375mg per week.... This isn't my first time using my 5th but it will be my first time using Prami as a way to combat the Prolactin sides because Dylan said so! I know that Caber is supposed to be dosed at...
  15. biggamike

    Stacking Tbol with LGD-4033 and Rad-140 as kick start to cycle

    Whats up everybody! This is my first time posting on this forum but I see a lot of guys on here from another that I used to post on. Anyway, while watching one of Dylan's videos he mentioned stacking T-bol with LGD and RAD-140 as a substitute to Dbol and Drol to get Dbol like effects without...