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  1. OTL

    Caber Issues

    Not currently my issue but a buddy on NPP & Prop cycle took a whole caber. .25 last night before bed. He woke up at 1:30 with a pretty solid erection that as of 9am still hasn’t gone away. He’s tried relieving it to no avail, lol. Any idea or suggestions, I’ve never had this issue with Caber...
  2. OTL

    VICON Test P/NPP Log

    Summer time is over for me, so it’s time to bulk and add some size. First time using Nandrolone so I’m going to run Prop 75mg EOD and run NPP 100mg EOD. Planning on running the cycle 10-12 weeks depending on how I’m feeling. The packaging from Vicon was superb. Good looking vials with tops...
  3. OTL

    Axio Primo Cycle

    Working on leaning out(dropping some BF) heading into the summer months but still trying to add some lean muscle. BJJ has taken a significant role in my life the last two years, so functional strength is much more of a priority than brute strength as is not getting too much bulk, too much muscle...
  4. OTL

    Fasted L.I.S.S.

    Aside from the weights I’m pretty heavy into BJJ. One guy I follow is renowned Nutritionist Mike Dolce. When it comes to preserving muscle mass while lowering BF, he swears by fasted L.I.S.S. in the morning when you wake up alongside some clean caffeine. Keeping heart rate between 90-110 BPM for...
  5. OTL

    My BGS Experience

    I was a couple weeks into a Test E cycle & decided to switch brands for a few different reasons, mostly peace of mind. I got in touch with 9th Wonder, ordered up and TD was only a few days after. I was due a pin the day I got the BGS gear, pinned 1ml and thought I had been kicked in the arse by...
  6. OTL

    Blood Work Results

    Hey fellas, so here's the deal. I'm 20 days into a test e cycle. I frontloaded a g the first week, 250 twice the second week and on Monday I pinned another 250. Libido has been shit for last week and a half or so. I'm not super gyno prone so I haven't been taking my Aromasin but every 3 days or...
  7. OTL

    TRT Question

    I'm currently on cycle running Robolics RoboTest Cyp 250mg twice a week, 500mg. I'm getting older so I'd really like to start blasting & cruising. My thought is to make my appt to see my doc after I come off my cycle and before I start PCT. So my question is, has anyone else went and tried to...
  8. OTL

    New member

    So they've completely trashed EVO so I followed a few guys over here. Nice to see some of you. Cheers.