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  1. ibanez

    Gear porn

    I thought we should have a thread where we would share the photos of our beloved ..gear :) This is one from a recent photosession. Model: Primobolan
  2. ibanez

    Need help with planning a first tren cycle

    As the title says.. In a month or so i am planing to do a 20wk eq/test cycle and i was thinking of finishing the last 6 weeks of the cycle with trenbolone (together with test and eq). I am thinking test en 350mg/wk and boldenone 500mg/wk. I dont know how much tren should i dose, would prefer...
  3. ibanez

    Hi everybody!

    Hi guys! My name is Ibanez :) and i want to be a part of the forum discussions. I am 87kg, 178cm. For christmas i was a 107kg lumb of fat and since than i am trying to get myself in shape. I am 36 yrs old and in the middle of a divorce so training is something like a therapy for me right now...