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  1. TotalPackage

    Quickest Way to get Testosterone Level down to high normal

    Hey guys I need some ideas. My TRT practice caught me off guard........they want 6 months bloodwork. I've been with these guys for four years now..........I didn't think I was due for blood work until October. My TT level is probably at about 4200 right now........using 600mg test /week right...
  2. TotalPackage

    Labmax or ROIDTEST

    Have any of you guys here used one of these at home kits to test your gear? Labmax or ROIDTEST? Just curious, I would like to hear what others have experienced before I try to test sample some of my gear. I do understand if it works correctly it will only let you know which hormone is in the...
  3. TotalPackage

    Authenticate my Gear

    Gents: I want to authenticate my gear. I want to get a feel from the Forum here what is the best method to authenticate my gear. I've seen kits where it authenticates that the gear is present in the oil (i.e. Nandrolone is present in the oil), however I want to be able to authenticate the...
  4. TotalPackage

    Rio 2016 Olympics

    Guys, missed you for a while. Just now kind of getting back into the swing of things. The wife and I took a trip to Rio for the 2016 Olympics, we were there for 12 days. Twelve days without kids, just me and her was awesome. We went to two events each day, one in mid morning and one in the...
  5. TotalPackage

    TRT, Deca, SARMS....what has worked best for me

    OK guys, one of the best things about being on an excellent forum is the real feedback you can get from the members. There are plenty of profiles on compounds, plenty of clinical studies, but what also helps in trying different protocols with different compounds and such is the real feedback...
  6. TotalPackage

    LGD or Tbol?

    Hey guys........just a quick question for opinion. Consider you are already running Test either at TRT dose or cycle, and if you wanted to add just LGD or just Tbol which would you add? The reason I'm asking I've ran both together (LGD and Tbol) and I've ran them both separate. As far as...
  7. TotalPackage

    I was Off Line for a while

    Hey guys.....hope everyone had great holidays and are back at it hard. Jake, hope you are enjoying the TUNA bro! I was off line for a while with some technical error, but Dylan helped me get back on. Here's to a fantastic 2016 guys! Good inspirational video here from Arnold, it's only 3:24...
  8. TotalPackage

    Southern SARMS Maybe?

    I had been using them for almost a year, their GW and LGD was awesome the first time I tried it. Then, over the summer I bought product for a Fall 12 week run. On this run the GW tastes like alcohol with no real product in it, and the doesn't have the strong taste similar to what...
  9. TotalPackage

    I'm Liking this AR Forum

    I'm more comfortable with this smaller forum. Reminds me of my church.......I know, silly right? But we do much better in smaller intimate groups......that's why we have small group sessions at work or church etc. You get more intimate, you trust each other's opinions etc. I'm pretty active...