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  1. RoboGainz

    TRT Dose and AI

    Hello all. question regarding my TRT protocol and more so just general advice. I understand everyone is different however looking for advice on my AI timing and general dosage My second to last lab test i was taking- 200mg Test Cyp, all in one shot every sunday Arimidex @ 1mg each week, 0.5mg...
  2. RoboGainz

    Starting low dose tren e

    Looking to start a low dose of 200mg Tren E cycle for 10 weeks with my TRT to recomp a bit. Wanted to get additional opinions prior to starting or continuing to wait. Just had blood work done, the things that were out of range Hemoglobin 18.2 Range 13.2-18.0 BUN 26 Range 6-20...
  3. RoboGainz

    Stitches and Training

    Been awhile since ive been on here, Had a bad accident with a glass mirror that cut me down my arm just below my tricep that needed 11 stitches. So far ive been out of the gym completely besides a couple minor cardio days. No tendons or muscles were hit just skin fortunately enough. The doc...
  4. RoboGainz

    Ventro Gluteal Injection

    Just curious to see if anyone has tried injecting into the ventro glutes and what size needle they use for it. How many CC's do you guys keep it limited to? For delts i usually would keep it under 2CC max and glutes i keep it to 3CC. Is it a painful area to inject into? Of course its a virgin...
  5. RoboGainz

    Weird Side on Tren

    Currently 9 weeks into my tren cycle but ive been experiencing only one strange side ive never had before on tren which is a sore throat, it only really comes on at night time especially during the night going to bed. Pretty much like a dry throat feeling and it hurts when i try to put down...
  6. RoboGainz

    Tren E bloat

    As the title says, I am currently running 400mg of Tren E per week alongside 250mg of Test Cyp and of course running my AI. As of the last few weeks ive been having a distended gut issue. Im doing cardio, eating low cals, low sodium, tons of water intake and of course taking my support supps for...
  7. RoboGainz

    Traveling with a Syringe

    I feel like this could be labeled a stupid post but lately ive been having to travel for work more often. On cycle i pin twice a week but on TRT i only pin once a week. Currently im on cycle and i travel monday through friday so basically ill only need to travel with 1 syringe. My doc for...
  8. RoboGainz

    Plazma Supplement Post Insulin Injection

    Wanted to see if anyone has heard of this supplement, my good friend steve who is prepping for a summer competition recommended this to me as a pre-workout. He said its meant to be taken right after an insulin injection. I can imagine with all the carbs and sugar in it it would make guys put on...
  9. RoboGainz

    Low dose winstrol

    Hey guys, My bikini competitor friend chick gave me a free bottle of some winstrol. Wasn’t planning on running it anytime soon but it’s just 1 bottle of 100 tabs 10mg. So basically I was thinking I could run it in TJ future at 30mg for 4 weeks. Would this dosage be worth it at all or should I...
  10. RoboGainz

    HGH Cost:Benefit, Is it worth it?

    Made a thread not long ago about sleep issues and meds/supplementation to help, I figured i would get many responses saying to try marijuana or HGH. After some time and more sleepless nights i have considered a sleeping mask and/or going the HGH route. I am against marijuana use personally...
  11. RoboGainz

    Sleeping Aids

    I know some bro's on here suffer from lack of sleep/apnea along with myself... I know that there is melatonin and a few other things, i truly hate taking Nyquil often, its just not healthy to be taking regularly. Does anyone have any good recommendations?
  12. RoboGainz

    How to deal with breakup

    Off topic but need some help over here... Ill try to make this as short and precise as possible... Been dating my girlfriend for a year and a half now. She has tons of family issues (literally talks shit about her mom to her sis and dad). So everything was cool last week, her mom has always...
  13. RoboGainz

    Tren effects on brain

    I was having a casual convo with a buddy at the gym this morning, he brought up tren and how it increases chances for alzheimers and damages the brain over time. Am i out of the loop? ive never heard of this, i researched it earlier and founds some threads on it. I know it can cause health...
  14. RoboGainz

    Blood work results

    Had a full panel done but these are the things that stood out to me... White blood cell 3.2 Normal Range 3.9-11.1 RDW 17.5 Normal Range 11.0-15.5 BUN 34 Normal Range 6-20 ALT 59 Normal Range <49 AST 39 Normal...
  15. RoboGainz

    How long are Vials good for?

    Recently went onto TRT. looking to stock up on test c vials for the next year or two depending on how long they last. If stored in a cool, dark place, how long are the vials typically good for until losing potency?
  16. RoboGainz


    Kind of a dumb question but i used to never drink anything with caffeine in it such as coffee. Until recently ive been drinking about 2-3 cups a day because i had switched my workout from the evening to now the early morning around 6-7AM. It has really given me a huge boost and i feel great and...
  17. RoboGainz

    Starting TRT Questions...

    Hey guys, to keep it short I have been cycling for around 9 years now and have attempted to PCT after each and every cycle. I have ran milder cycles of just Test and harsher ones including tren. My bloodwork after each cycle has come back positive and i feel like i have bounced back after almost...
  18. RoboGainz

    Traveling to mexico

    Hey guys to keep it short ill be traveling to Cabo down in mexico around january. I just did a trip to las vegas and took my winny tabs along with a couple dyazide tabs with me, checked it in no issues at all. Now flying into mexico will i have any issues if i just put the tabs into a med bottle...
  19. RoboGainz

    Recommendations for legit epistane?

    I have a friend that is looking to run epistane with some prop for a show he’s doing in November I believe. He asked if I knew of anywhere to get Epistane, from what I know I told him you really can’t find it anymore since the bans. Does anyone have any ideas as to if epi is still gone or can...
  20. RoboGainz

    Best Supplements for Pumped and Full Look

    Ive tried APS Mesomorph as a preworkout which worked great. Of course arginine and L-Citrulline are the 2 most common ingredients for pumps. Ive been off any supps like mentioned for a long time but figured i might stack something for an extra boost and great pump. What do you guys recommend?