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    Halfway through Rad-140

    I think my comment didn’t go through. I’m worried about using clomid etc as the damage this would have on the liver when used with gw at the same time
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    Halfway through Rad-140

    I was hoping not to take any pct as most pct taken alongside with GW enhances issues with the liver
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    Halfway through Rad-140

    I’m on my sixth week of rad-140 (10mg per day). So far everything is going well except I’m finding that I’m very tired a lot of the time (except at the gym where I love it). I’m getting bloods done at the end of the week. Anyway, I’m planning on running this for 12 weeks. Thereafter, I’m...
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    I'm new

    Hi everyone, I'm currently 35 y.o male from Australia, 6'2" and 209lb. I've been lifting on and off for a couple of years. In the last 6 months, I had been on a dirty bulk and put on 20lb over the period. I currently follow 5/3/1 as working out for a 50 min session 4x a week works within my...
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    Question about stacking SARMS

    I assume the above the stand SARM stack for anyone looking to lose fat but still gain lean muscle (assuming diet in on point)? If one doesn't take the 9-12 Post CT supp, then I assume it will take longer for testosterone to build back up to normal?