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    Umbrella Labs TD!

    Im currently logging their ACP and LGD but was so impressed I snagged some of their GW-501516 to run after im done the current 8 week log. I went with the big boys (60ML) and price with their current 20% off orders of $200 or more makes it a bargain for quality stuff. Excited to run this in...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Ok I FINALY was able to get my pre-cycle bloods done. It took forever to get an appointment at Quest then they took over a week to get me results (usually its next day) but whatever everything looks good so ready to rock and roll! I will be doing 8 weeks of: LGD-3303 20mg split dose in morning...
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    Umbrella Labs Sarms TD!

    Hey everyone, just got some Umbrella Labs sarms in. First off the packaging and labeling are absolutely top notch! Everything is so professionally done its no joke they have put time and effort into both the product and the packaging. I will be running an 8 week log of 2 of their products. I...
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    Napsgear Domestic TD

    Just a few items taking advantage of the Halloween sale! Super fast shipping first order for me great experience!
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    Another Sarms.ForSale TD!

    Just another successful order from Top notch everything cant say enough good things about them! Had to re-up for next cycle!
  6. A & N2BM TD!

    Hey gentlemen, havent been able to get on the forum much but still supporting our sponsors! Gonne be running 12 weeks of GW 20mg/day, LGD 10mg/day, Rad140 20mg/day, mk2866 50mg/day. I just needed to re-up on the MK2866 and Rad140. hooked me up as always! Also will be...
  7. A & Need To Build Muscle Log! GW/YK11/N2Guard/N2Generate

    Alright have been taking some well deserved time off from any heavy lifting. Have been focusing mainly on my cardio and resting my joints as I had a terrible back flare up (lower back) along with hurting my biceps tendon and rotator cuff (fun stuff!). Diet has been OK but really need to get...
  8. A TD!

    So had been going back and forth on running YK-11 and decided to give it a go. Will be stacking with GW. Only 1 bottle in the picture but with the discounts figured id snatch another one up! As always top notch customer service and super fast shipping!
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    S4s td!

    Couldnt pass up the offers going on so snagged some more! Best customer service around too!
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    Another Sarmsforsale TD!

    Prepping for my hard cut. is top notch cant beat their shipping or customer service! 2 days was in my mailbox after order was placed!
  11. A TD!

    Meant to post these up a little while ago but again super quick delivery and top notch product! Also love the capped bottles and the droppers separate much better than old style with dropper cap only.
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    Domestic-Supply TD!

    Thing of beauty! Domestic Supply is freaking awesome they hooked me up in a huge way when they didnt have to. 100% stand up amazing company and lucky to have them as a sponsor. ZPHC for the win!
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    Another Sarmsforsale TD!

    Couldnt resist the 25% off sale! Ordered on a Tuesday afternoon and in my mailbox yesterday so literally barely 2 days to get to my doorstep! Did 2 of the 3 pack GW-501516, MK2866, and SR9009! 6 bottles of high quality sarms with the 25% discount code for $ doesnt get much better...
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    SarmsForSale Log!

    So posted in my other thread the TD pictures! Shipping was crazy fast ordered on a Thursday night right before they closed for the day and was in my mailbox by Saturday morning. Packaging was very secure and product looks beautiful! I am doing my sarms cycle in 2 phases: 1) Started today...
  15. A TD!

    Just saw my package got delivered today! I ordered Thursday night and they shipped out that night right before the post office closed and it arrived today! Im traveling for work but home later on today and will post up pics of the goodies but crazy fast shipping!! Excited to start up their...
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    Banned Nutrition Nutrozol 677 Log

    Hey everyone, will be doing a log of the new Banned Nutrition supplement Nutrozol 677. Its a natural HGH booster and definitely looking forward to running it! Ill be following up with my thoughts on the ingredients as well but if you look at the label and search you will see its very well...