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  1. 44YOGearHead

    A "Thank You" and farewell from The 44

    For those of you that have supported me, whether it be finding my former rants hilarious, or following my YouTube videos, or simply adding me as a friend here on Isarms I wanna take a moment to say "Thank you". Conversely, for those who have tried to thwart my efforts, or throw shade... or done...
  2. 44YOGearHead

    Rash of Bans and the talk afterwards

    I addressed this in the thread where Dylan explained that his channel was banned and he and I spoke as grown men and forum owners and I want to elaborate on some things as two persons in particular have said some things very pointed things. I hope that the rest of you have the ability to...
  3. 44YOGearHead

    IWGF and 9th Wonder

    Hey bro's my new public launch date is soon. We talked about some things remember? PM me.
  4. 44YOGearHead

    I love my life...

    Wife and GF are in the bathtub together... just wanted to fucking take a moment to BRAG. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 44YOGearHead

    44's Discounts Made Available to all of YOU!!!

    R10 to save 10% on B27a1179 to save 10% on - not repped here but available through my yt channel 44Swole to save 25% at (Newest Channel Sponsor) - not repped here but available through my yt channel the44 to...
  6. 44YOGearHead

    Hipocampus discount code

    Something easy: Use the coupon code JANUARY to get a 15% discount in your order at! Coupon valid until January the 22nd. The 44 Hipo Rep
  7. 44YOGearHead

    Hipocampus 13% off coupon

    This is a direct savings to you, no kick back to me at all. I don't operate like that. Coupon Code: OnSwole Applicable towards entire purchase. Courtesy ya boy The 44.
  8. 44YOGearHead

    Hipocampus BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!

    BLACK FRIDAY is coming! Don´t wait until the last day. Buy any 2 Pharma or STOA product, get the least item expensive 60% OFF! Valid until November the 27th. You're welcome!!! The 44
  9. 44YOGearHead

    Gains above all else

    Just a friendly kick in the dick to remind your latte sipping asses you get out what you put in and some of you mother fuckers owe the bank. The 44 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 44YOGearHead

    Tight constricting clothing and testosterone

    Attention guys who train in joggers, your testicles are wondering why you’re wearing girly pants. #URmilkshakeBRINGSalltheboyz2theYARD. Men’s clothing, it’s for men. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 44YOGearHead


    Stoa oils are discounted 25% already on the website. We will have this offer until November the 8th. Also we have added new great pharma grade products in the sexual health section: Vitaros, to combat male impotence... it´s a cream that works great. Priligy are tabs that allow people to last...
  12. 44YOGearHead

    Permanent 10% off discount code

    Use R10 at for 10% off courtesy your boy The 44. I get no kick back whatsoever if you use it and you can verify with the guys at R24 if you like. Simply my attempting to look out for bros in search of quality gear while trying to save some dough. This offer is permanent so it...
  13. 44YOGearHead

    For awesome quality gear check out... Literally we have everything. The 44 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 44YOGearHead

    United States and Canada isarms members

    I'm looking at all the weird names and things and am just curious who here is in the upper North American continent.
  15. 44YOGearHead

    Discount code R10

    I don't rep for them but this code is available if interested R10 on for 10% off. Also this isn't one of those codes where I get some sort of kick back from them so rest assured I get nothing outta this, I just like to negotiate savings offers for the bro's and make them...
  16. 44YOGearHead

    Hipocampus PHARMA GRADE PRODUCTS 25% off!!!

    No coupon code necessary... click and order savings already accounted! Grab up those ancillaries!!! The 44
  17. 44YOGearHead

    Sponsor Code for you to use and save 10%

    We all know I rep for hipocampus and no one else, but I am sponsored by Roids 24 for other endeavors so I am offering up this code to pass along savings to you guys. No I don't get a kick back or any type of compensation if you use it so you're not putting money in my pockets. This company and I...
  18. 44YOGearHead

    Friday is here... let the spamming begin

    I hope all you spam bots fucking die a sickly death. I hope that every post that should be on the info page fails to post on the source page. Mostly I can't wait to not read another post about taking a dbol only cycle and for the word 'roids' to be replaced with 'tickle my butthole with your...
  19. 44YOGearHead

    Hipocampus ALL STOA ON SALE till 14 Sept!!!

    That's right people all STOA products are on sale at Shipping is all in effect as customs operation has ceased so delivery schedule is back on track!!! Price changes are already in effect!!! The 44 aka the GAINZ DOCTOR... kinda like a proctologist, but a doctor nonetheless.
  20. 44YOGearHead

    Hipocampus Newest Offer!!!!!

    We have a new offer until the end of the month. Buy 2 boxes (or more) of Biotropin (any) and receive 1 box of GHRP-6 for FREE The 44