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  1. KODA24

    Dr. Called.......blood bad.

    So I take cruise TRT dose of test cypionate 1 CC a week. I've been on cycle for 7 weeks now of 500mg test cyp, stacking (Sarms) Rad-140, YK-11 and MK-2866. My test levels are 3 times normal, ( didnt give me actual number ) said my LDL Cholesterol is 130 should be 94 ish. I'm looking at kidney...
  2. KODA24

    I'm fucked.....pip led to infection.

    Well my pip in my leg has turned into an infection, dr . Worries I may be going very clean when I pin so I don't know wtf happened, say a prayer or 2 or some good mojo my way brothers it's off to the E.R. I go by way of urgent care. WTF.
  3. KODA24

    Major PIP help needed

    Hey gang looking for some advice I am running NPP Bold Cyp and test 350 blend From a trusted source here in the group I am stacking them in a syringe 3 days a week Monday Wednesday Friday I'm getting major pip soreness and tightness in the muscle where I inject, it goes away after a couple...
  4. KODA24

    Pharmacom ordering issues.

    Reaching out to a pharmacom rep... I've sent them a couple emails but no response I put in an order, put in the Taz discount code and it doesn't take it off. Cancelled one order and put in a second but didn't finalize it because it won't show the discount. I'd appreciate any help you can give...
  5. KODA24

    Robo praise

    Hey gents, Just want to give a shout out to Robo, Sometimes I do some stupid stuff and on this one I messed up my order and was looking for it but when I checked in with Robo he told me what I had done wrong and took care of business it's my 4th transaction with him and I just think hes one...
  6. KODA24

    Sarms for women

    Hello, I have a female friend who is built but never used ped's or sarms, she wants to lean out, gain a little more muscle but not go overboard. I said GW for leaning, what about the muscle gains? Rad-140? Thanks Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. KODA24

    Sarms with aas cycle

    OK gents and planning my Spring summer run soon... what's the number one sarm I can run that will complement my cycle for size and strength? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. KODA24

    MK-677 questions

    Hello gang, Planning on running MK-677 along side my spring/summer AAS cycle. I've done a lot of research but still looking for the best advice and guidance. I take dosing as 10-30 mg a day... start low. Time of day to administer is not solid though. Also what can I do to combat the lethargy...
  9. KODA24


    Any other known quality sources for SR9009 other than the one mentioned here in this thread? Just looking for options. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. KODA24

    Peptide/AAS Question

    Hey all, I'm wondering......can you run a AAS cycle alongside CJC-1295 DAC? I've been researching my ass off and know DAC is better with a GHRH peptide ran with it. I'm dying to try these out but Im Already committed to a ROBO Spring/Summer run in May. I'm a veteran user and ready to shake...
  11. KODA24

    Peptide thoughts and inquiry

    Been reading a lot lately about peptides and the sucess some have with them. From healing peptides to muscle growth. Very interesting to me. One of the big concerns I read is quality sources for obtaining them. ( I know, source talk) but I wanted your overall opinion on them as this group is...
  12. KODA24

    Tren alternatives?

    Hi gents! I love Tren. I got nauseous when eating on my last cycle with it. If I were to not run it again, what would you recommend for a cycle without it? Test is a given and I'm looking add a little size but lean up. You might say it would be a recomp. I've never ran a blend that you see all...
  13. KODA24

    PharmaComStore brand question

    Hi gents. I just ordered some non AAS supplies from Pharmacom. Eagerly awaiting my first order. My question is what brands of AAS have you had the best results with? Not knowing these manufacturers at all I hope to order and be sure I will be good to go. I appreciate your input. Thanks! Sent...
  14. KODA24


    Ok friends, my source for Man Vitamins went to a $200 minimum order. Right now that's steep for me regarding those products. Where do you go for yours and do you like what you've been getting? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. KODA24

    TD Robo!

    Just a quick shout out to ROBO, This is my Second purchase and first with ROBO being my exclusive gear. I had a few stupid questions , he answered in a timely manner, transaction was seamless. Thanks Bro, can't wait to get started on my winter blast! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  16. KODA24

    2 weeks in on big summer cycle

    What's up gents?! Just dropping by to give you a heads up on what I'm into right now. This may be my last big cycle because of age and body pains and what not. Started 2 weeks ago beginning of 3rd week start today. Tren A 400mg/ bump to 500 this week Eq 600mg/wk (300mgx2) Test C 500mg/wk...
  17. KODA24

    Sarms in the news

    This pisses me off, they can't just leave us alone. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  18. KODA24

    Pharma Lady TD!

    Just a shout out to Pharmalady and Cbbram for another great experience. She threw in a little something extra and it was greatly appreciated. A special thank you to cbbram for dealing with my biull shit Sometimes I don't think straight. Cheers! (Pictured is Proviron and Cialis) Sent from my...
  19. KODA24

    Masteron Enethate question

    Will Masteron dry your joints out? When I ran winstrol I had issues with my knees bothering Me, come to find out it was winstrol. I will be running Eq as well, will that offset the drying of my joints? Any advice/ Input will be appreciated. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  20. KODA24

    Need cycle advice

    Hey my brothers, last year i ran a Test, Tren A, EQ and proviron cylce. I liked the way i looked on it, (pic below) looking to do something similar but because i have some EQ and Test C on hand id like to stick with that, add Tren again. My question is what can i run WITH the EQ as a short...