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    Back here after need advice please

    Back here after awhile need advice please Hello all, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. I wanted to reach out to you all for help. Using steroids in the past is effecting me long term post use. 2 years ago or so I quit cold turkey mainly because I couldn’t afford it anymore. Ever since...
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    How is the BGS gear?

    Was gonna order their mast p and some of their pharma products
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    High dht levels= main cause of acne?

    What's up guys it's been quite some time since I've been on here but I'm back. I've been busy with work and the gym. And also just took a vacation so I've had little to no time being on here. But I just have been having issues with acne lately. No body acne just facial. I've been reading high...
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    Pumps hurt

    Any of you ever get such great big pumps to the point they hurt like a bitch? I'm on test/tren/mast atm. The pumps are great but sometimes they're too much :p
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    Doses higher during bulking and lower doses for cutting=more effective?

    I'm starting to think higher doses while bulking makes more sense then higher doses while cutting. I'm gaining pretty good muscle right now and will probably cut here rather soon. My doses are 750 test e/350 tren ace/350 mast p per week along with 15mg aromasin eod. When I cut I think I'll cut...
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    Car thread

    Idk about some of you but I am a huge car person. What's some of your guys' favorite cars? Also do you guys prefer American, European, or Japanese? I personally love Japanese and European cars. This lambo right here is my all time dream car!
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    Recent order with sarms x

    My first order was smooth, paid them and it came to me quick. But my 2nd order (this one) not so much. I paid them the 25th of march and they sent me tracking # on my order and it got sent the 28th of march. I thought okay good. Then when it got delivered it got delivered to a completely...
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    International shipping ?

    I checked an international tracking # site for international shipments and it says for the latest thing "ship item abroad" what exactly does that mean?? I checked my tracking # on usps as well and it hasn't went through to them yet either.
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    Peptides warehouse

    I was thinking of ordering their aromasin. Anyone try this place?
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    Topic on girlfriend going to party without me?

    I know this isn't on topic to aas or anything but I'm curious if any of you guys have had girlfriends who've went to parties without you? My girlfriend and I rarely go out and party/drink, etc. Well the few times we have I've been with her and one of the times I about got in a fight with a guy...
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    Wtf ZPHC crashing again?!

    My NPP crashed for the 2nd time. I think this could just be overdosed and isn't holding into concentration
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    Do any of you ever deload?

    I'm currently deloading with my diet and workout. I feel like it'll benefit me because when I load up on training and eating more again then my body will go in a shock and respond better. Any of you guys ever try this out?
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    Is my gear crashed?

    So I got my ZPHC order yesterday and I looked at it today and it looks like it might be crashed? My masteron was completely fine but my NPP looked like this
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    New plan for 2016

    So I just got done blasting for 6 weeks and cut it off early. I've been having elbow pain and I started cruising last Saturday. I'm gonna just do a short cruise for 2 weeks at 250mg test e then I'll blast again. I'm taking an entire week off from the gym this week and next week I'll do deload...
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    Robo Npp

    So I've tried robo tren/mast/anadrol. And I can say I like his stuff. But I'm curious on the npp. Anyone give robo npp a whirl?
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    Physique update

    I've been running hipo's norma test and robo tren/mast/anadrol for the past 6 weeks and I love it. Things are going great and the gains are solid. also I covered my face with a donut... Some of you may think that's funny lol
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    We need a blood work protocol

    So when it comes to bloods things get confusing with half lives and how many days we've pinned test prior to the draw and how frequent of doses prior to draw, etc. Let's get some solid opinions on here and get a protocol to go for with how we need to think of things. Test p- 24 hours before...
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    WHY don't people research before using gear?

    I can name countless people taking gear that I personally know and my god some of the shit I hear that they do.... A girl told me she took anadrol for 4-5 months @ 10-20mg/day. Someone else took dbol only cycle. Someone else Took an anadrol/dbol cycle as their first cycle. Someone else did aas...
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    Ways to suppress or control appetite

    I'm currently dieting and can go absolutely crazy at some points. Any helpful ideas?
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    Favorite steroid combo?

    What is your guys' favorite combo? And why? Personally mine is test e, tren ace, and mast p. I LOVE those. Test e makes me thicker and fuller, tren is all around a good recomp steroid, and mast dries me out and brings out the overall lines, seperation, veins, etc...