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  1. stretch512

    Spring Summer with Axio

    Big shout out and massive thank you to CBBram for the professional and friendly service. Another big shout out to IWGF. Now I guess I would consider my self a long time customer. Service is always on time, they have quality products and always easy to talk too. Grabbed a few extra jugs of Test...
  2. stretch512

    Stretch’s Banned Nutrition Log

    Stretch’s Banned Nutrition Log. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to run Cardazol and M1-MK from Banned Nutrition. For those just stumbling across this for the first time Cardazol is used as a pre-workout and fat burner while M1-MK is the test booster with anti-E...
  3. stretch512

    It’s cold but still want outside exercise outside

    Well it’s getting cold again and I’m usually all gun-ho but this year I’m not feeling it. Who here also likes to continue to workout outside in the elements? What’s some of your inspiration for getting over the first slump? Why’s some of your favorite exercises/routines when it gets cold...
  4. stretch512

    New favorite Cycle

    Best cycle I have had in a long while. Test P NPP LGD GW Been keeping the test and npp doses low and letting the LGD take the lead. I’m supper impressed by LGD. It has really proven to me to be an amazing compound I overlooked for too long. The strength gains are great and definitely aids in...
  5. stretch512

    S-23 anyone use as alt. To DHTs?

    Just looking over this Sarm profile which looks like an interesting alternative to Winstrol. While I respond very well to winny some of the sides are not desirable and wondering if there are any toxic effect on the liver like winstrol with this S-23. Any one? Sent from my iPhone using...
  6. stretch512

    Merry Christmas!

    Just a little Chirstmas cooking for us here in Texas. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  7. stretch512

    A little early Christmas pack from IWGF and crew

    Always top notch and professional service. Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. stretch512

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just want to say happy turkey day to all my people out there. For some it's a day for cheat meals but for me it's a day off from work to ride my bike in the November sunshine. [emoji1420][emoji1377][emoji884] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. stretch512

    Shout out to the IWGF crew!

    Ordered last Thursday and delivered this Thursday. Can't say enough about the service and products. Couldn't resist to try this out given my body fat right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. stretch512

    EPO Oral Pill

    Finally we are getting closer to having a real product that will function like EPO and not have to inject or worry about raises in BP. Akebia (AKBA) and Japanese drug makers are steadily pushing through clinical trials now and the outcomes are looking great. Finally the giant Amgen will have a...
  11. stretch512

    Don't sleep on Dips

    To keep it short: I once read of a guy who slowly phased out his bench presses in his gym and started to replace them with dip machines. I always thought this was interesting. The most underutilized and underrated workouts in any gym. If you want a nice chest - you need a nice back and...
  12. stretch512


    You know I have had some PIP before but J/C nothing like this before! I was going out of town in a business trip and decided to dose two cc's over two days to keep my levels up while I was on the road. Well about a week or so later I'm still in crippling pain. No kidding I never stretch but...
  13. stretch512

    Quality over Quantity

    So, we all know that qualitative and quantitative differences are a fact in our world. These simple terms can be applied to many aspects of work, life and science. They are constantly used by many as a metric to determine the value of a given thing or process. We should apply them also to...
  14. stretch512

    IV therapy - wow

    So, most of you know I like to lift around on heavy stuff but I love to ride my road bike. Recently I got a call from a new shop opening near my home offering IV therapy. I scheduled a discounted session and was completely surprised. First off the nurses are freaking smoking hot - this helps...
  15. stretch512

    I'm not Emo it's just the Tren (dealing with the impact of tren sides)

    I wanted to re-visit this topic as I believe perhaps it was Rick Rock who had given us some great remedies for dealing with tren sides a while back on the old forum. I personally don't suffer much from the tren sweats as bad as others but can be a little "emo" at times which is a bit out of my...
  16. stretch512

    EPO article worth the read

    Why is this one worth a skim through? Well... it pretty much comes out to really debunk all the scary myths behind EPO.
  17. stretch512

    Aromasin and bone weakness

    Greetings! I wanted to bring up this topic as it is one I have known for a while and just wanted to toss it out there again for general discussion to see where other brothers stand on the issue of bone density loss. Does it even matters if you're on test and working hard staying up on food etc...
  18. stretch512

    Just Basics

    So, after my move I had to lean out a lot of my inventory. A full home gym and free weights all but a few gone. Kept two bikes one being a beater and the other my carbon stead. Also all the pressure, logistics, time spent on that I really only had enough time to just ride my bike. When this...
  19. stretch512

    Finally back!

    Well, made it to the left side finally. I know I was away for a sec but I will be back and start contributing more now that things are settling. Never let my fitness dip down though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. stretch512

    Haven't been active, but here is why!

    Just want to give a big hearty shout out to all my brothers here. Seriously I have seen many of you over the years on different board transitions and I value all of your opinions, feedback and help. To the new comers to the board and vets added (you know who you are) I am really glad we all...