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  1. J

    Cut Stack

    What is the most comprehensive SARMs cut stack to pair with TRT? What is the best powder/pill SARMs supplier right now?
  2. J

    SARMS Cut Stack - Bridge

    Hi - What is the best SARMs Cut Stack for a Bridge Between Cycle? I'm currently around 15% BF. Thanks
  3. J


    What type of dosage, timing etc are people doing with Tesamorelin? Are fat loss results better than HGH?
  4. J

    Best Cut Stack

    Hi Everyone - what?s the best cut stack (SARMs Only) to bridge between cycles (I?ll still be on TRT)? Currently 33 / 210 lbs / 12%
  5. J

    Cut Cycle - Test/Tren/Primo

    Hi Guys - What?s the ideal dosage for a Test/Tren/Primo cut cycle? I?ve done probably 7-8 Cycles, on TRT, donate blood, quarterly blood work, track macros daily, etc. Currently 214 lbs, 11% BF. I have all the supports on hand, including Caber
  6. J

    HGH Timing

    Hi - What is the ideal HGH timing and spacing between meals for someone doing 4-6 IUs/Day split into two doses? I currently wake up around 5:00am, do 2 IUs, train fasted and then eat my first meal around 2 hours post injection and then do another 2 IUs in the evening one hour after a meal...
  7. J

    Most complete Sarms cut stack to pair with TRT

    What?s the most complete sarms cycle to pair with TRT. I?m 220lbs and around 15-17%bf (realistic). I would like to drop down to 205.
  8. J

    Best Cut Stack - SARMs

    What?s the best possible Cut Cycle will on TRT (don?t want to impact my blood work either). Please include recommended dosages. Thanks
  9. J

    Ideal HGH Protocol - Muscle Gain

    HI Guys I?ve read many previous threads but wanted to resurface this topic. I?m currently on 4iu/day of pharma HGH. I just recently switched from pinning in my abdominal region to my delta as I was told this would be more beneficial. I?m pinning in one full dose around 3:00am, go back to bed...
  10. J

    Caber and AI with Test/NPP

    What?s a good suggested starting AI and Caber dose for 500 Test/500 NPP? I?m sensitive to prolactin gyno so I want to be proactive. This is my first NPP run. I used to run Tren but I don?t want such a harsh compound.
  11. J

    YK 11 - Beneficial to a HGH, Test and NPP Stack

    Would I see much benefits to adding YK 11 to a HGH, Test and NPP stack? If so, what is the recommended dosage? I'm on TRT so I presume that I wouldn't need to do any PCT.
  12. J

    Suggested HGH Dosage

    Hi - I'm currently on TRT along with MK, S4, Cardarine and SR9009 (cutting down a little). This is my "bridge" in between 500 Test and then sometime 500 Deca. I'm 5'10, 215 lbs and around 10% BF (Per InBody scales). I track my nutrition religiously and lift weights 5-6 days/week and do 2-3...
  13. J

    Best Lean Bulk Cycle W Low Sexual Sides

    What’s the best lean bulk stack with low sexual sides? I loved Test/Deca but the Deca impacted the Libido.
  14. J

    ESarms - 12 Week Bulk - (Timing of Sarms/Banned Nutrition)

    I've finally received my 12 Week Bulk Cycle from ESarms ( What is the correct timing of the day (morning, pre, post, night) to take each of the SARMs? Do I split the dose or do a full dose at once? Additionally, I like to take a preworkout...
  15. J

    Liquid Prami Dosage/Protcol

    I’m about to start a Test/Deca Cycle (500 Test C and 300 Deca...Deca is primarily for Joints but also some muscle growth..if I tolerate it will I will up the dosage). I have a coule bottles of Liquid Prami on hand. What is the proper dosage and should I run it from Day 1? FYI I take .25 of...
  16. J


    Do any of our forum sources sell good quality Peptides? I'm hoping to find someone with more credibility than RUI or Blue Sky. Thanks
  17. J

    MK 667 + Ipamorelin

    Does anyone run MK667 along side Ipamorelin? I’m on MK 667 (25mg in the AM) but came across some Ipamorelin for free (one month supply) for free. Any benefit to using it?
  18. J

    MK 667 - Hunger/Sleep

    I’ve been dosing 25mgs of MK 667 in the evening. I fall right asleep but start tossing and turning around 4 hours later and get poor sleep for the next couple hours. Alternatively, I switched to dosing in the AM and the hunger was INSANE. If I continue to dose in the evening is it likely that...
  19. J

    Adjusting Diet For Test Cycle

    Does anyone have any good articles or old threads about recommended Cal/Macro adjustments for dieting (lean bulk) on a cycle vs off a cycle?
  20. J

    MK 667 - Fat Burner?

    Hi - My hunger cravings are through the roof on MK 667. Is there a good STIM FREE fat burner that I could use to prevent so much weight gain?