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    Took a break now I'm back!

    Took a break for a little bit now I'm back at it. I was wondering which sources are valid here. I've been away for quiet some time things have changed quite a bit. Thanks for the help
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    Been gone for a few months where is my man NY?

    Has he left this forum or has gone ghost for little or am I just an idiot
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    Detection time for GW

    Being tested for NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse at the end of August. When should I stop so I can pass the test?
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    Shoutout to Phurious and the Team

    Couldn't be more pleased with the team over here they put up with my annoying questions and everything was professional. Phurious is a great dude aswell and just an overall great experience. I was on a time crunch and Phurious still came through and also hooked me up. I look forward to doing...
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    Vitamins/Minerals on cycle

    The normal cycle support is CEL cycle assist which I have on hand, I'm just curious as to what you guys recommend to take as far as vitamins and minerals on cycle. I know red yeast, hawnberry, coq10 and garlic can all help cholesterol and BP as well as TUDCA for liver. But is there anything else...
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    Bio-Gro iSatori

    Not too sure if there's a supplement category yet or not but has anyone used Bio-Gro by iSatori and how was your experience with it. What was the results? How long did you use the product?
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    Where to buy epistane after the ban?

    Is there any place that sells quality epistane? I've been looking around but most places obviously don't sell them due to the FDA ban
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    Gyno Treatment without surgery

    A buddy of mine isn't so lucky, he is Gyno prone and has some issues going on. He has a lump about the size of half a golf ball. He doesn't want to go under the knife but asked me if I knew any solutions. I have no idea and don't want to think about having Gyno problems but I figured I'll get...
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    Crystallized almost Frozen vial?

    I received a vial today, I'm not saying which lab just to for reputation precautions but I was wondering why the vial looks like it has frozen oil or looks crystallized. Not all liquid looks like this. I'm just curious and if I shouldn't pin it obviously.
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    Restless Sleep Solution?

    I'm curious as to what could be done to get me to sleep through the night with no interruptions. I know evo was pushing some probably bs product like n2sleep if i remember. Just want to hear what you all recommend.
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    What was your sketchiest pinning experience?

    I'm curious to hear the wild stories some of you have with bad pins. Here is my story, I laugh now because of how nieve I was but I was injecting 150mg of test p and 150mg of tren a. I was pinning in my thigh everything went as usual, I aspirated and got air bubbles then started injecting. While...
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    Proof is in the pudding

    I was informed today by a good friend that Evo was pushing bunk products, so I decided to see if it was true. I first posted about SARMS1 triple stack and how it was fake and did absolutely nothing, then within minutes later the post was deleted and I had a PM from the infamous "gearhead" asking...
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    New to the site switched over from Evo

    Hello everyone, I decided to switch from Evo and get away from all the nonsense that goes on there. Looking forward to meeting new people and being apart of a honest forum. Thanks for your time.