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    How important is this to a sarms stack and is it even needed. Main goal lean mass fast as possible? Also what if any pct is required with sarms like mk2866, lgd4033, s4 etc. and should a test booster and clomid be ran with them?
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    Dmz first timer

    I recently purchased a product with dmz in it called hulkz. It contains 25mg androsta,10mg dmz,5mg lgd4033, and 5mg gw501516. What do I need to run with this safely and what pct precaution do I need to take?
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    Sarms first cycle

    I have recently purchased some sarms like s4,mk677,mk2866, lgd4033,rad140,and 501516 which should I stack for bulking and which for cutting? I would prefer doing a year round lean bulk and help would be great thanks!