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    Shout out to Buddhabuilder

    Hey all, been a minute. I stop in from time to time to see what?s happening. I can?t say enough good about Dylan and the men who take the time and care into these forums. I needed to mention a person who from the beginning of introduction has displayed an absolute golden caliber of service...
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    It’s time! I’m back and glad to be back !!

    Brothas, sisters, chicken eating monsters , die hard dieters, and all you wanna-be’s it’s been a long long while!!! It’s good to be back and amongst many of you, now only few of you, that I remember from what is being thought of more as my Golden days!! Lol A lot has transpired along my journey...
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    gotta get back!!!

    wass up ya'll!! been MIA for a while now but been busy as most of us all...anyways in short gfriend got pregnant and four months later we both are flabby and its like I just cant stop eating!!! not even funny bros! anyways my stats are 5-9 245 lbs but went from 9% to a staggering 15% body fat...
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    clomid and shut down. is it possible???

    Happy holidays everyone! Hope everyone has a great and positive end of the year. Ok down to business...lately I've been doing research trying to find real experiences or relative proof that clomid, though my go to in pct, had any affects in respects to shutdown, sexual perfomance, raising or...
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    osta ... appetite suppression..bloat.. and weight loss??.

    Hey guys, forgive me im still a novice when it comes to sarms but recently had my run with osta for 6 weeks. I noticed some interesting things about this compound that may be more beneficial than what I had gathered about it before running it. It was very appearant to me while on that for somr...
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    let's get it started! I'm glad to be here just a little intro

    Hi, I'm Franco and I'm addicted to bodybuilding... With that said I'm excited to meet many of you and to see what's going on here at adrenaline rush! Got to say I miss my man Dylan! Long time no talk bra so I'm hoping to get some time catching up with you. Currently stat wise this had been the...