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    So Many New Members

    Why are there so many members who have been here less than 2 months, sometimes less than a week, who are reviewing sources? I never see reviews from members who are over a couple months old. Sent from my LGLS755 using Tapatalk
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    International or Domestic?

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are. Which is the better way to go when buying in the US? I've heard that customs is cracking down on packages from China due to the fentanyl epidemic and that a lot of gear comes from that area. So which do you guys prefer? Sent from my LGLS755 using...
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    pharmacom source thoughts

    Wanted to thank you for everything you do first off. Youre a real godsend bro. Quick question, what are your thoughts on pharmacom? They legit?
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    First Cycle

    Been doing research for years and I'm ready to begin this journey. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good first cycle. Stats 170lbs 10% bf (I'm very lean) 6'0 24 years old Lifting since 17 years old (inconsistent for the first 4 years) My goals in order 1. Increase strength 2...
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    Roidsmall. Ever heard of it?

    Been browsing through some sites, old guy went down and i was lucky to find him in the first place. Cant tell if this is a scammer or not