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    Gaining weight on recompense cycle ..

    Just started my recomp tren test ent boldi and tbol cycle In 3 days i gained 4kg weight from 84kg to 88kg is it normal? My Belly is getting bigger is it just water or i am gaining fat again? I am 6.2ft consuming 3000 calories Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    My 4 Month Transformation (Fat To Fit)

    I am very glad to be a part of this fourm. Thanks to each and every one who gaved their precious time in helping me and others I was 101kg 6.2ft when i started now i am 84kg I was very depressed because of being a fat guy i came to this fourm and got inspired by all of u and specially DYLAN...
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    Recomposition cycle advise.!!

    I am 6.2ft 85kg 15% bodyfat aprox. Consuming 3000 calories and lifting 6 days a week including 3 days of cardio - going for a recomposition cycle Of 20 weeks -Tren enanthate 400mg a week ( 14weeks) -Bolde 800mg a week (20 weeks) -Test enanthate 500mg a week (20 weeks) -Tbol 60mg for 4 weeks...
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    Bulk or Cut for skinny fat.??

    I am 6.2ft 84kg 15% body fat with loose skin on belly What is recommended i should cut down more fat or bulk i am consuming 2800 calories lifting 6 days a week Macro are 40%Carb 30%protein 30%fat (Zone Diet) Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    How long it takes Dropping body fat from 15 to 10%

    Hello guys how much time it generally takes to drop fat % from 15 to 10 naturally with proper diet and training I am 15% body fat 6.2ft 85kg Lifting 6 days a week with cardio Macro are 40% carb 30%fat 30%protein Taking 3100 calories. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Bulking At 16% Body fat Or Cutting.?

    Hello is it good to bulk on 16% body fat or still need to cut down more before bulking Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Rest Time Between Cycles...

    Hey i have just completed my 10 weeks test prop tren ace winny cycle and 4 weeks of pct. How long should i wait to start new cycle for best results. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Deca and Test Ratios For Bulking.!!

    Hello Dylan i am gonna use 500mg deca 500mg test ent Bolde 800mg Every week for 20weeks I just wanna ask would this ratio of test and deca will be fine? I am 6.2ft 89kg 12% body fat I am consuming 3200 calories a day Macro is 30%protein 40%carb 30%fats Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Best Time To Take DNP.!!!

    Hello everyone what should be the best time to take dpn.. In morning or at night or before workout And what should be best time duration to run dnp 1month/15Days/7days Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Vegetarian Diet Help.!!!

    Hello i am vegetarian can i full fill my protein requirements by whey protein as i am not eating chiken ,fish etc. I am 6.2ft 88kg 15% bf Would there will be any difference in my gains compare to those who eat non veg ...!!!!! I want to become a bodybuilder can i consume whey protein instead...
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    Macro Setup For Ketogenic Diet

    Hello what should be a proper macro for keto 1 - 1.5g per pound weight protein .5-0.75 g of fat And 30g carb I am 198lb 6.2ft 15%body fat Should i take 198g protein 110g of fat 30g carb Or According to lean body mass which is 164lb 164g protein 140g fat 30g carb Which one should i consider...
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    2 Time Cardio In A Day?

    Is it advisable to do 2 times cardio in a day morning 40 min and evening 40 min would it lead to faster fat loss or evening 40 min is enough daily 20 min on elliptical mechine And 20 min incline walk Stats-: 88kg 6.2ft 15% body fat Cycle :- test prop Tren ace
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    Bcaa during workout on test tren cycle

    Hello i was wondering is there need of bcaa during workout and cardio to prevent muscle loss and increase fat loss i am in a caloric deficit diet at 15% body fat 88kgs 6.2ft its my 3nd cycle Test prop Tren ace Would bcaa increase my glycogen level or help me in fat loss Should i use bcaa or...
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    Not able to loose fat naturally or with steriods

    I am 15% body fat height is 6.2ft weight is 88kgs lifting for 5 yr i take high protein low carb low fat diet but not able to loose fat fast any advice or any sort of help will he appreciated..!!!! I am on test prop 300mg/week Tren ace 300 mg /week Winstrol 50mg for last 6 weeks of my cycle
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    Cutting cycle on keto diet

    Hello can i run cutting cycle on ketogenic diet for fat loss. I am running 300mg test prop every week 300mg tren every week 50mg stanazolol every day Macro for keto diet is 70% fat 25%protein and 5% carb Can i loose fat on this currently i am 15% body fat or should i switch to high protein...
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    How much Amount Of Protein When on cutting cycle

    What should be the amount of protein while on cutting is 1lb per lean body weight ok?
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    steroid cycle from india

    Hello, I am from india, I ran test 700mg and tren 700mg a week. I was not knowing i just saw ur video and from now on i will follow u . My test level ,LH,FSH level are very low. In pct i did 100mg clomid,20mg nolvadex,2500iu hcg twice a week. My test level are still vry low plz help me...