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  1. J

    Sudden Hair Loss

    I am almost 26 years old and have been on TRT for almost 2 years. I have done a few blasts but nothing extreme. The last 3 weeks I have been experiencing hair loss on just the top of my head. My hair is also extremely dry. My first thoughts were ?man it?s the gear?, but I find that unlikely...
  2. J

    HRT and TBOL

    Tbol in HRT protocol. I am 25, 5’10, 205, 10ish% BF I have been an athlete all of my life and have weight trained seriously for 4 years now. Yes, I am young and have suffered from secondary hypogonadism in my youngest years. I have been on HRT for 12 weeks now and would hope to do a little...
  3. J

    24 and considering HRT

    I am 24 5’10 205 13-15% BF Before I ever cycled, my test sat anywhere from 360-400 and my LH and FSH were in the 3’s. This is obviously low for my age. I have regrettably done a few test cycles. I know that I am too young but at the time I felt helpless because no doctor was willing to help. My...
  4. J

    Am I not sensitive to E2?

    I have never had problems with estrogen. I recently ran a 12 week cycle (just 400mg sustonon) and was going to add DBOL (ive ran it at 30 mgs and no probs before) but flaked out on it because I didn’t use my AI until week 3 (dumb I know). I ran Adex at 1 EOD for two week then hopped down to .5...
  5. J

    Extreme Gyno Anxiety

    I have ran a few cycles and have never had estrogen problems. I’ve always gotten bloodwork done and monitored it well. My last cycle I did not touch my ai until the start of week three and during that period of time my nipples only itched and got raw from me checking them so often. I always...
  6. J

    Gyno or am I tripping?

    I’ve ran 4 cycles before and have never had e2 probs. My last cycle I did not run an AI for the first two weeks and got itchy nipples but no soreness (I think it’s the weather because this happens a lot). Ran 500mg test then bumped it down to 350mg on week 3 then started up armidex at 1.0 and my...
  7. J

    Post cycle estrogen. Need guidance.

    I just got my bloods 4 weeks after pct.. My e2 was 3 which is super low. My estrogen mid cycle was 31 and 13 post cycle. I ran arimidex at .5 eod for my cycle and shouldn’t have used aromison pct. I did it at 6.25 e3d because I was fearful of a rebound but I am clearly not sensitive to e2. I...
  8. J

    Advice on possible gyno

    Just finished a cycle. I did not use an AI until the start of week 3 (I know how foolish) and started to get itchy nipples but no soreness or lumps. I started up arimidex at 1mg EOD for a week and a half and then bumped down to .5. E2 was 30 after week 5. My nips got itchy again about week 7 (I...