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    Specific compound source

    Well hopefully this isn?t a stupid question and I hope I can find some help because I?m having one hell of a time finding this two compounds that I need 100% for health reasons and benefits, long story short I usually would get my stuff from over seas but he little fuckers of the customs keep...
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    Well as I?ve mentioned before I?m on trt etc but there is yet again a Question that yet again the internet just wont help find. Well to be more specific All I could find is yes and no witch is why I?m asking the People on here who have more experience than me on the subject. Will exemestane...
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    Kratom caber while on tren

    Well Ive been all over the Internet for this. google,youtube,forums,articles and I cant find anything one this. I really need advice/help from the pros(you guys). Witch by the way I will appreciate 100. Basically Ive been cruising on self prescribed trt of 150 a week and it keeps me at higher...
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    2 year 100mg test A week cycle pct protocol.

    Well long story short my dumb ass did a two year cycle of test of 100mg a week with no hcg while on it and now I’m tryng to get my own supply back no matter how long it takes. I’ve read tons of stories about how it can take months if not years well hey I got myself in this now a handle business...
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    Sr9009 and extreme headaches.

    So basically long story short, first time i used sr9009 was awesome and everything, second time I used in a cycle it’s gave me crazy headaches. Only difference was I switched brands because the first brand I had used when out of business. I love sr9009 but this time around it’s giving me this...