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    Simple question

    I know everyone is different but I?m trying to decide which type of oil is the best. I typically get pip after each injection. I wanna try either mct oil or miglyol 840 oil. From experience what are your opinions?
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    Short cycle

    Hello, I?m wanting to make a plan for just a short about 12 week cycle. 28 205 12.5 body fat 4th or 5th cycle Overall goal it recomp Trying to lean up and put on some muscle I?ve never ran test sust but am very interested in trying it. 1-12 test sust 450-500 mg ew I?m stumped on either run...
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    Which blood panel. At private labs

    I am about to run a sarm cycle. 1-12 rad 120 20 mg a day in the am. 1-12 s4 50 mg 25 am 25 pm. 6-12 gw 510516 20 mg 30 mins before workout. 1-12 mk2866 25 mg per day first two weeks then bump to 50 mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m N2gaurd 9-12 Aromasin as needed ( 12.5 mg e3d( Pct...
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    Small sarm cycle

    Hello, 27 210 15% I?m trying to lose a little bit of fat and maintain muscle. Looking for a small 8 week boost. The main goal is to maintain muscle in a calorie deficit! Thank you
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    Quick question

    Man it?s been a while. Just found out I?m going on vacation in a month. I want to tone up. I was thinking about running a quick small cycle. Looking for opinions and a Dom order. Test prop Tren ace Mast prop With a pct And aromasin What are your thoughts? And where can I get Dom deliver...
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    Not a good question sorry.

    My buddy had some extra test prop and winstrol. I was wondering if I should finish up sarms cycle with it.. Currently Gw- 25 mg before lift S4. 25 am 25 pm Mk 2866 25 am Mk677 25 at night S.R. 30 mg. 5 mg every 2-3 hours Pct Clo -25/25/25/25 Gw 20 mg Ct- 5 a day I would add for about 4...
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    A little help.

    I have posted stats a lot of times I just have a question I'm trying to keto diet I know not many people recommend it, but I'm trying it. I'm doing a sarm stack with it Gw 20 mg a day Sr 30 mg 5mg e 2-3 hours S4 50 mg a day Mk2866 25 mg All for 10 weeks I have Mk677 I also have but I'm not...
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    Which blood panel

    I'm wanting to get my mid blood work done. I've been feeling tired and worn out. I increased my meals and carbs but still feel the same. I was wondering if I should check my thyroid out. Hormone Panel with F&T Testosterone, SHBG and Thyroid Should I do this panel or is there a better/cheaper...
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    Need help

    I was long for some growth. I have tried to research and look up forms of the best kind but I can't find it. I've found that Somatropin, Genotropin, Humatrope. Are some of the best kind. Curious for the best one and ways to get ahold of it. For anti-aging. I run mk677. The Gh is for someone.
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    Testing the waters

    So lately I have been testing the waters with keto diet. I've lost weight and I feel like I have more energy, until I go to the gym. I just don't have the same strength or endurance(definition isn't all the either) . But I am insulin sensitive to carbs. (Put on weight easily) Once I get down to...
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    Really need some advice

    I'm 30. 200 pounds about 10 percent body fat. I'm still running a sarms cycle but I need to get my other cycle ready and order it. I will still be running sarms for a while so I should be down at least another percent. I can't decide on what exactly I wanna run. I don't know if I should run...
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    I have been doing research on intemidiate fasting vs keto vs 5-8 meals a day. My main goals are to lower body fat and build muscle. Which would be best for me? Not messing with the macros yet just trying to figure out what type of diet would be good. Or how about mixture of it?
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    This isn't for me now my body fat is high up but once I do bring it down I may run.

    I have heard of these supplements for a cycle I wasn't sure on how much would be a good fit nor exactly what I should use to cover and if I should add sarms of it would be too much. My goal is to get down to 6-8 body fat around 190 pounds. I'm 5"7 getting up to 220 and I'm not sure if I'll be...
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    I can smell cutting season. I need some good advice

    Please help the goal is to get as lean as possible and as healthy as possible. I recently ended a bulk cycle. I am wanting to do a cutting cycle in the future not anytime soon. But I like to plan ahead At the end of my bulk I'll be up to 220 (18) I'm not good at a clean bulk 😅 5"7 29 Before...
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    I ran a 12 week cycle Test e.1-12 300 mg ew Tren e. 1-12 400 mg ew Mast. 1-12 200 mg I know it is a low dose and useless. Ew Also I added in deca 2-11 250 mg ew 1-4 anadrol 50 mg 11,12,13,14 hcg 500 2x ew Aromasin 12.5 mg ed Pct 14-16 Clomid 50/50/25/25 Nolvadex 40/20/20/20 Aromasin 12.5 mg...
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    Question over sarms

    I'm 185 5,7 I've been dieting (cutting) Slowly working one my calories and macro. I'm doing 50 percent protein 25 fat and 25 carbs and it's working pretty good but i wanted to add in sarms and not roids nor shit from a store that's a waste of money. ( Not saying everything is but some). I want...
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    Test eq and deca. Questions

    Not a cycle I'm doing just wanting to clear up and understand it well. I do plan on doing it in the future just not sure how to go about it nor when I'll be. Is it pointless doing an 8 week cycle? Test e or cyp 1-8 400-600 mg ew Eq 1-8 600mg ew Deca 1-8 250-300 ew Since it isn't a long...
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    Some help for dht

    Other than finasteride and dutasteride is there any other good dht blockers out there? I've seen your video's and I know finasteride is really bad for you and dutasteride isn't much better.. But running test with dbol or Wins which would be the best? I've noticed my hair has became thinner and...
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    Just wondering how I should run this really need help

    I am 27 and will not start until I'm 28 so in 6 months. I am going on my 4th cycle. I am 5'8 200 and around 8 percent body fat. My first cycle was test and deca. Second was test and tren. My third was test p tren ace mast and winni. I liked the results. I am wanting to start another cycle and...
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    Which cycle

    My buddy wants to cut down on some weight, I told him about this site. He is 28, I'd say around 25 bf. 5'8. He works out with me and wants to try to Lose more fat so which cycle stack on the site would be best for helping burn fat gaining muscle and strength. Which would you prefer?