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    Huge stack - lgd, 677, 2866, s4, rad140

    Hey Team, Hope you're all well. If I've got a 12 week supply of the following: Lgd4033 Mk677 Mk2866 S4 Rad140 I've never had any sides from my sarms stacks, have normally used a variation of the above 3 to 4 but never all 5... Is there any reason I shouldn't try this huge stack? Are there...
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    First Cycle... 2 or 4???

    I've been reading a few things that say 4 Sarms i.e. SR, S4, Osta, Cards is an advanced stack for people who have done Sarms before... If I went with all 4 bear in my this is my first cycle with no experience of anything stronger than creatine before am I going to be ok? I've been a...
  3. C legit or not worth the risk?

    What are your guys reviews on these guys? A friend has used them and says they're ok but I'd like to get some more feedback incase he's bs ing me or just placebo affect riding...? Thanks...
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    New & First Cycle Questions

    Hi guys... Brand new here although I've been reading up for a few weeks now... Planning my first cycle (ever (of anything)) and looking for a bit of guidance... I recently had some devastating news and as such am in the worst shape of my life... I used to competitively compete at CrossFit to an...