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    Umbrella Sarms TD/LOG

    I recently received my first order of Umbrella Sarms products. The delivery was very well done with professional packaging. The 2 sarms I chose to test out the product are MK 2866 and GW 501516. I chose these because its a basic stack that I've ran a couple times before and it's tried and...
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    Pharmalady email

    I was in the process of an email and thread with pharmalady for an order and then when I went to send my payment information the email was rejected. Was wondering if anyone else had any issues? I went ahead and sent again and added the rep email as well. thanks,
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    MK667/GW Cycle

    Just looking for some opinions here. Stats 29yrs, 190lbs 5'8" 11% bf played college football, workout daily, have ran 3 sarms cycles in the past. Blood work is good. I have bought some MK677(Nutrobal) and Some Gw/Caradrine from a forum approved reputable source. I have ran Ostarine and...
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    Probably some dumb questions but still new and clarifying a couple things. Currently I am running a cycle of: 1-12 MK2866 1-12 GW501516 13-16 Clomid 50/25/25/25 13-16 GW501516 I'm about to add in MK677. I know i can run this one year round and plan to. Question is after my cycle/PCT do...
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    Quick little question guys. On my second SARM cycle (isarm approved source) and currently running a cycle of 1-12 GW 1-12 Ostarine 13-16 GW 13-16 Clomid 50/25/25/25 Currently almost done with week 2. The cardarine is amazing. Endurance is through the roof. I think I'm starting to see a...
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    Pharma Lady TD!!!!

    Just wanted to stop by and give a big shout out! Amazing customer service with quick responses and a super fast TD! 14 days from order placed to TD today. I'll be running 12 weeks of MK-2866 and GW 501516. Currently 5'8" 185 lbs, 28 yrs old, about 10+ yrs of serious lifting, played college...
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    Osta/Card + Testolone

    I had a couple questions about a current stack I have taken and added on. Background: I competitively crosstrain. Does anyone have experience with BUILT Nutrition?? I was skeptical at first as it is in cap form, but I ran Osta/Card Ripped (ostarine/cardarine stack) for 12 weeks and had great...