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    Low Test Levels After 8 Week Blast

    So I did an 8 week blast with test p, npp and anavar. I am on TRT (been on for 3 years now) so I just went back to my prescribed dosage which I also maintained throughout the blast. So it looked like this: Test C 180mg ew Test P 100mg eod 1-8 NPP 100mg eod 1-8 Anavar 50mg ed 1-6 Prior to...
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    Favorite Lean Mass Cycle

    I?m trying to plan my third cycle. Previously I?ve run two 8 week blasts. I?ve used Test C (TRT), Test P, NPP and Anavar. I?m switching clinics so I?ll be able to run long esters this time around and pin less, which I look forward to. What was your favorite stack for lean mass?
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    ZPtropin (HGH) Blood Results

    So I have been on 2iu ED for about 2 months now. I have already seen improvement in joints, etc., but wanted to test to verify. I injected 10iu and got blood drawn 3 hours after. Here are the results.
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    HGH/IGF-1 Blood Test

    Afternoon, all! I started using ZPtropin HGH at 2iu per day on September 28th. How long should I be on before I get labs drawn to check levels? Not sure if there is a standard time it needs to be in my system. I will post the results once I get them. Thanks in advance!
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    ZPtropin (HGH)

    Anyone try ZPtropin HGH?
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    Second Blast Critique

    Yo! I will be starting my second blast here soon and have a question about the test dose. Been on doctor prescribed TRT for over two years now at 180mg per week. I will continue my test cyp and add in a few other compounds. My blast will consist of the following: 1-8 Test P 50mg eod (355mg per...
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    Spectrum Pharma

    Yo! I was planning on running ZPHC NPP, but they are out. Anyone have thoughts on Spectrum Pharma, they G2G? Will be running ZPHC Test P and Anavar or Mast P as well. Thanks in advance.
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    Expired TBOL

    Was wondering what people's thoughts are on using expired gear? I have some Balkan tbol that I am considering running with Test P. I am sure it looses a little potency over time, but I cannot imagine a year past it's date will matter that much. Thoughts?
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    Looking for HMG

    Anyone have a domestic source for HMG? The person I have gotten it from in the past is out.
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    Curious: What program do you follow?

    Upper/Lower Push/Pull/Legs Full Body Bro Split Which do you follow and why? I am considering going to an upper/lower split. Currently doing push/pull/legs, but I feel like changing up my routine might help with progress and keep me motivated. Would plan on hitting each day twice per week with...
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    Test P, NPP, Mast P

    Anyone every run this combo? Its my buddy's favorite cycle, but he uses the long ester of each compound. Would this be a decent lean bulking cycle in your opinion? Something as follows: Week 1-8 Test P - 100 mg eod NPP - 100 mg eod Mast P - 50 mg eod Proviron - 50mg ed Aromasin - 12.5 eod...
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    Tadalafil Citrate Dosage

    Yo, Wondering what dose some of you have used Tadalafil Citrate pre-work out? Just looking to use it for the pump, no ED issues. Thanks!
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    Domestic NPP

    Yo! So I'm am idiot and dropped an unused vial of npp on my kitchen floor. The floor is tile so as soon it fell I knew it was fucked. Basically I am gonna be short for the current blast I'm on. I ordered DP from a board source, but there have been major delays due to the coronavirus. I am just...
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    Best Lab on Steroidify

    All, I am considering my second blast and want to know what labs you trust the most on Stroidify. I got my last stuff locally, but would like to try a more reputable source. I did order caber from Steroidify and had zero issues with placing or receiving my order. Still pretty new to all of...
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    Getting Sick (flu like symptoms) While on Cycle

    Morning all, Just curious what you all do when you get sick while you're on cycle? My son tested positive for influenza b last Saturday, my daughter is dealing with similar symptoms but not been tested yet. I am also coming down with something. We all had the flu shot, but was told that it is...
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    NPP Injection Frequency

    Evening all! I started my NPP blast on the first. Tomorrow would be pin #3. I've read that the half-life is 4.5 days? I guess I assumed most injected EOD. Can this be more like E3D? I would obviously up the amount of each injection. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
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    Test Prop and TRT Blood Work

    Afternoon, all! Second post as I am still learning. My question is if I run test prop at say 100mg every other day, how long will it take for my blood work to reflect just my TRT dose of test cyp? For example I usually come in at about 850-900 total test, so I don't want to blast on prop and...
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    Newbie Second Blast Question

    Good evening, gentleman! I am a first time poster and my question is in regards to my second blast. Stats: Age: 39 Weight: 214 BF: 14% Been lifting for 14 years and been on TRT for a little over 4. I ran a 10 week test prop blast at 500 a week. If like to try NPP, but would like some...