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    Methandriol Dipropionate questions

    Its been a while since i have been on the forum and posted anything. Just had a very busy work schedule. but im glad i have time to come back on. Now i have been home brewing for almost 4 years now with alot of progress. blood work has come back great on all my test products and people love my...
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    injectable superdrol?

    I was wondering if anyone has brewed up some injectable superdrol. A few people told me it can't be done but others have told me a few ugls carry it. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    contest winner

    I was one of the contest winners that won the mr Olympia Asia jacket and pants. I got it a couple weeks ago and I said I was gonna post a pic and never did. Life has been so stressful lately and I haven't had any free time. So I wanted to apologize for not doing so. I'm writing this post to just...
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    hgh blood work results

    A friend of mine who is on this forum had surgery and I got him some hgh from my powder source so he could heal faster. Just wanted some opinions on the results. He took 10ius before the test and hgh was 27 and igf was 356. From what I can gather these are some good numbers especially since its...
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    hgh blood work protocol

    Getting blood work done on some hgh from my source. What's the best protocol for dosing before the blood test. I have heard 10ius about 2 hours before the blood test is way to go. Anyone with experience please post.
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    Winnie suspension recipe

    Looking for a good Winnie suspension recipe. Searched online but I don't always trust the recipes that I find. If anyone has a recipe they have used please let me know. Thanx
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    lantus insulin dosage

    Getting some lantus insulin from pharma lady and I wanted to know dosage information. I have used intermediate insulin before but never the real slow acting. If anyone has dosage info or cycle length it would be very helpful.
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    My boy bought some off some girl who said she has a family member that has aids and they get hgh prescribed to them. I thought that hygetropin was a generic Chinese brand. I thought that if you got hgh prescribed to you in the states that it would be one of the better top of the line brands and...
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    electric pump?

    I wanna stop using syringe filters and switch over to bottle top filters with an electric pump. Anyone have experience with this and if so what electric pump do you use?
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    first order

    Just got my first order from these guys. 2 bottles of tren suspension. Shipping was fast, only 2 days. Communication was great. Gonna try the suspension 2morrow pre workout. I will post later in the day after my workout. Thanx again
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    pure essence sarms Aromasin log

    I was picked to do a log on pure essence sarms Aromasin. I have been pretty gyno prone in the past and only pharm grade Aromasin keeps my estrogen in check. So if this Aromasin is good I will know. My current cycle that I'm running is test cyp 300mg, primo 600mg, mast p 500mg. All weekly dosages...
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    Best way to use hgh?

    Its my second time using hgh. I didn't do enough research the first time I used it. And now I'm finding out that there are so many different ways of using it. Some take it in the am, some take it at night, taking it only Monday through friday, taking it only on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays...
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    Pharma Lady First Order

    Just wanted to leave a review of my first experience with pharma lady. Ordered two kits of glotropin with the free half kit of glotropin 2 bottles of global anabolics primo and Aromasin. Pharmalady responded to all of my emails very fast. What I couldn't believe is how fast her shipping is. Got...
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    blood test results

    I recently started brewing and I had someone run a cycle with my test cyp and deca only. He took 500mgs a week and his test level was a little over 3,500. I'm kinda new to all this but I was told that those are pretty good numbers. Are these decent numbers for that much test being ran in a cycle?
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    express domestic/ top notch

    Just leaving a review on express domestic. I have ordered from these guys numerous times and all orders are shipped within 24 hours of me sending payment. Emails are always responded to within a few hours. Products I have ordered test cyp, test 500, tne, tne/tren base, tren base, mast prop, test...
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    hgh frag sides

    When I use hgh I get numb hands and feet. Also I'm pretty tired mid day if I inject in the am. And also the dreams are very detailed when I sleep. I was told that these are very common sides for hgh. I was wondering if hgh frag carries these same sides. If any one has any experience I would...
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    express tren base vs androxine

    Just figured I would post my opinion on express domestics tren base and alpha pharm tren suspension Androxine. Express domestic sent me a free pack I won in a raffle that had two bottles of tren base In it. This is by far the best pre workout product I have used. The pumps are amazing, energy...
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    left evolutionary for adrenaline

    Just like a lot of other guys I just jumped ship from evolutionary. Tired of all the b.s. that was going on. This forum looks a lot better and I'm glad to be apart of it. So hello and thanks.