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    Female SARMs Cutting Stack

    Hello.. So my wife is interested in a SARM cycle and has researched well. She has came to the conclusion she wants to cut with a SARMs stack but wants no side effects especially from S4. She is 138 at 20 to 22 percent. What would be the reccomended stack? Is s4 even worth it below 50mg/day...
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    Recomp Stack Cycle

    Running a recomp. Built the following as a recomp stack cycle. Will be using carb cycling method for my diet with a low carb cardio days 300 below and high carb days 200 below. What does everyone think about stack choices and dosages? 1-12 S4 25mg AM 25mg PM (Weekends Off) 1-12 Ostarine 25mg AM...
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    SARMS and Vacation Concern

    Sup ya'll! Currently on week two of the following and loving it: Week 1-12 10mg LGD Week 1-16 20mg GW Week 12-16 12.5mg Clomid EoD My concern is that I am going on vacation during weeks 12-13 which is the start of PCT. I have never done Clomid before or a PCT for that matter(this is my...