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    Samson list or contact

    I see some review threads but searched and didn't find a contact or list. Can somebody PM me details? Thanks
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    Not trying to step on any trusted sources toes in here. I've used plenty of them and have great results from them and me personally, I'd rather run Test Cyp with MCT Oil than the pharmacy brand anyday. What I came in to post is that I recently gave alldaychemist a shot on getting some caber and...
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    Injection Infection 5 days later...

    So I pinned my TRT shot saturday with a 10ML vial that I've been using with no issue's at all. Same routine as I always do when I pin. Immediately after a shower and I dry spot off and clean with alcohol. Pin the spot, everything good no worries. About 4 days later I notice it's read and a...
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    Pharma Lady order

    Always good to go. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Pharma Lady is top notch

    Just ordered the Glotropin HGH and some modofinil last week. It arrived 2 days earlier than tracking said it would. I was a little concerned when I opened the package thinking that something was wrong but that is all part of here stealth shipping. Will be ordering again. Thank you
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    cycle review please...

    deleted posting as health issues put the cycle on hold. Sorry...
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    Can anyone help me locate some pharma grade caber? My usual is out and I can't locate any that's legit. Got scammed on some from another source and I need some for my blast in Feb. Thank you
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    Guy's, I've got some caber that I sourced from a place I don't usually buy since at the time my normal places were out of stock. I was expecting pharm grade and what I got is a gelatin capsule from a place called MUSWOLE. I can't find anything about them other than an instagram page and email...
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    HCG Reconstitution

    Fellas, I'm a little confused by what I'm finding online regarding HCG reconstitution. I have a 5000IU vial of HCG and need to know how to mix it up. From what I was told You put 1CC of BAC water in it and your good go go. However, on youtube they show people putting in 5CC's of BAC water. Thank...
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    Sarms show up on lab work?

    I got in for my lab work next friday for my TRT doc. Would the S4 or Cardarine show any markers on my labs? Thank you
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    advice on cutting calories

    I'm currently on the 12 week Sarms cutting stack. Going well so far and my mood and energy are good along with my regular workout routine. Currently lifting 3-4 days a week with cardio on the remaining days. Some weeks my cardio is more and lifting less as I work shift work and get short on time...
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    Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

    Have a great long weekend everybody. Keep It Safe and Keep It FUN!!!!!!
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    Stuck in customs

    Has anybody has issue's with this before? I have a package in customs and has been since May 31st. Seems odd to me that it would be in that long. My USPS guy say's only thing they can do is wait for it to pass customs.
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    New Member

    Wanted to say HI to the board. New member here. 36 years old. Been lifting and working out for about the last 20 years. Just bought a cutting stack on here. Weighed in friday at 212lbs at 16%BF and 6ft 2in tall. Looking to get down to 195-205 before I do my first true cycle and lean bulk back up...