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    Samson list or contact

    I see some review threads but searched and didn't find a contact or list. Can somebody PM me details? Thanks
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    Modafinil Source

    Hey buddy. I've ordered from several times. It's safe and legit. You can order different types of Modafinil on there but I like the ModAlert. It's a 200mg dose of Modafinil. They run some good sales also.
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    Big Steve show prep VICON official log.

    Is VICON still kicking? I placed an order this morning and have yet to hear anything. I know that's not long for a response but normally it's fast.
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    Apps for Calories/Macros Tracking

    It's been a minute since I've been on the forum. I've used myfitnesspal for years but recently switched to LoseIt. I like the layout of lose it better and they camera function for barcodes is way better.
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    bitcoin. Last time I had all kinds of damn trouble trying my visa and the echeck.
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    Pharma Lady June Specials

    Pharmlady and Cbbram always knocking it out of the park.
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    HCG source

    HCG is such a hit and miss on the UG. Times you can find it cheap and other times it's expensive as hell. I get 11,000 IU's from a pharmacy in houston for 50.00. That's pretty cheap for pharmacy.
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    Mgp td

    ThinD's test pin's smooth as butta. Better than any script TRT stuff I've had.
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    That sucks for you guy's on the Titan issue. I've always had good response from him but it's been a long time back. ThinD is my go to now.
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    Modafinil Cbbram

    I have prescribed Modafinil for my work schedule and it really helps. I've tried PL's and her's is just as good as my script stuff. Major help for needing to be alert and stay awake for work shifts and jet lag.
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    Off of tren still no wind

    GW 501516 Helps big time on Tren.
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    Thanks for the replies. I’ll make sure to get labs when I use the caber. So far the allergy meds are legit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not trying to step on any trusted sources toes in here. I've used plenty of them and have great results from them and me personally, I'd rather run Test Cyp with MCT Oil than the pharmacy brand anyday. What I came in to post is that I recently gave alldaychemist a shot on getting some caber and...
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    Mgp td

    That would be something if they started custom flavoring the oral drops. Nice pic by the way. I know it's silly but I really like the label lay out on Thins stuff. It's clean as hell and looks like he took some time to make it.
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    MGP is Open

    I was cruising on Thin's Test Cyp before I start my next cycle. That stuff is smooth as butta. I never get any PIP with it. It's hit or miss on my pharmacy stuff.
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    Pharma Lady Platinum Biotech Caber

    Nice addition and will keep this in mind. Sometimes quality cabergoline is hard to find.
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    New and could use some guidance

    Brother welcome to the board but you really ought to introduce yourself , make some posts, contribute, and get a feel of the board before you start asking for sources. That's just my 2 cents but either way welcome. Lots of good folks on here and always get good solid advice from the senior members
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    George Leeman Beginner Steroid Advice Opinions?

    Didnt watch the video but I follow George on youtube and he does put some far out idea's out there. Far as him being juiced up powerlifter he does have some transformation photo's out there from when he decided to go from a powerlifter build to more of a bodybuilder type and he's pretty jacked...
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    Managing Poor HDL Response to Cycling

    TRT can effect those numbers. I had perfect labs regarding heart health all years leading up to me going on TRT. No issue's whatsoever and no flags. Started TRT and my numbers are slightly elevated but my doc said not to worry about it. If they get further in the danger zone we'll look at it again.
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    Daily Maintenance Caloric Intake Calculator

    Here is another that I like