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  1. Jake

    the thinking is different at my gym

    The guys cutting to make weight... say they are 180lbs and fight at 170lbs they will loose weight like this. Nothing but Beef and eggs for breakfast, and fresh roasted chicken plus brocoli for lunch and dinner. 10mg test ne and 10mg tren ne ED b4 workout. Cycles are never very high, such as 150...
  2. Jake

    World Campion Cyclist

    Today my daughter was declared the "USA National Cycling Champion". I promised her if she won I would buy her a new Pinnarelo Dogma bicycle. I Guess pops is out 13K$. Going to have to cut back on the
  3. Jake

    Is this a new fad?

    I went to pick my wife up at planet fitness, and there were 2 guys both doing barbell curls with those training masks on. I know that they have value when training for a run at altitude, and that they strengthen the diaphragm for runners, but what is the deal with using them for curls? First...
  4. Jake

    More reading for the old timers-DrB

    More wisdom from DrB. He got 4 wisdom teeth pulled out in Costa Rica. It was very expensive at 15$ per tooth. He jingle jangled around typing this, for all of the older bros looking to gain some gains via mentally as well as physically. I sit before my computer deliriously unloading thoughts...
  5. Jake

    Proper injection technique Just a few links that may be of interest for first time pins. Was checking on air being a danger to...
  6. Jake

    Help-gw is kicking my azz

    Within 3 days my cardio has jumped again. I added 4 200 yard sprints and it was easy, so I did 2 more. I now have lost more BF but also some muscle. Have been off cycle for 3 months so I can start a new one. Any advice cycle wise? It will have to include 400 test and 200 deca. EQ? Primo? Mast...
  7. Jake

    how my cycles progressed over the years

    I am posting this for the newbies to coincide with Dylan's new vid on the the old school new school deca/test/dbol stack. I just want to run you through my first several cycles. My first cycle was at 25 years old and it was 12 weeks of 250 cyp. Took 14 weeks off then did 12 weeks of 300 cyp...
  8. Jake

    Happy Easter

    So my dad asks me if I want an easter basket...I said sure..but just those yellow peeps. I was not expecting 200 of them!!
  9. Jake

    high prolactin in men

    I am posting this link so that we can read up on prolactin. Pay attention to the section of causes. It hints at it here, but the most common reason for men having high prolactin is from a pituitary lession, or a tumor of the pituitary. It can also be caused by changing liver function and kidney...
  10. Jake

    One of Drb's first posts here.

    steroids and diets in the 60's So four of my best buddies are about to begin our journey into the weights.School let out on May 30,and did not resume until the day after Labor Day which was usually around September 6th. With stars in our eyes,with great intentions, imaginations running wild, we...
  11. Jake

    4AD to test base

    More fun for the chemists. Very close to the original discovery of test base. 4AD to test base JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY #75 (1953) page 5930 sondheimer et al. 1g 4AD + 100mL chloroform + 10g MnO2 = test base 100% after 2 hours shaking at room temp yield is 93% when...
  12. Jake

    Politics and iron guys

    Oh drb is in a mood. What is the difference between an iron head and a politician? BB's use steel to do cheat curls and lying presses. Politicians just steal cheat and lie.
  13. Jake

    test vs Est. Look so similar C19H28O2 C18H24O2 Testosterone vs similar yet how different. I was looking at this because I had a childhood friend that...
  14. Jake

    Any other trolls?

    I am free to travel around the country for coffee. Anyone?
  15. Jake

    Making a dick out of Dylan

    Whoever is doing this is a coward behind a keyboard. You must be really tuff to type shit as anon. Look in the dictionary under turd. See your picture?
  16. Jake

    Var and dbol cycles

    To those of you posting about dbol and var and winny and superdrol only cycles here is a tip. If you dissolve the gear in water and then take it as an enema it will make you look like Rich P
  17. Jake

    I never heard of this

    My uncle told me that guys can go to Mexico and get injections of PMMA, or Metacril, and many women go get it to shape their rear.It sounds like they inject small spheres of an inert plastic. He said he had read up on it, but asked me to see if anyone knew of it. The way he described the look...
  18. Jake

    Krappy carbs and lung cancer

    I guess eveyone has seen this by now.
  19. Jake

    Maria Sharapova

    Tennis star got busted for doping on Meldonium. The first time I heard of this drug they claimed it improved the quality of life and when taken with lisinopril ...get this now...sound familiar..."Increses exercise capability", almost like exercise in a pill. Being that we have the dear FDA it is...
  20. Jake

    ok phur and bigbiz

    To make Test base from cholesterol is time consuming because you need a bacterial culture to convert it to DHEA. This would be check out the name of this bug...Pseudomonas Testosteroni. BUT if you just buy some bulk DHEA powder then you have a big start, and can use regular brewers...