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  1. Gymjunkie38

    Halo tops ( ice cream)

    I have a pretty u forgiving metabolism and have too eat clean constantly cheat meals are far btween and stiil relatively clean . So this is awsome for us my wife loves Icream and this brand is the shit .the whole pint is only 280 calories like 6 grams of fat 20 grams carbs and 24 grams of...
  2. Gymjunkie38

    Wifey back full swing

    Well the mrs is fully recovered from her breast augmentation and didnt loose nothing after being off everything 12 weeks and not training for 6 weeks now shes making solid progress again Sent from my LG-H631 using Tapatalk
  3. Gymjunkie38

    Bodyfat percentage and inaccuracies

    Ok so for us too give accurate info on how you should go about your cycle and if your ready or not we need stats . however I understand above 15 percent you should wait . however those handheld toys at the gym will tell you your 20 when your 10 and if your lean calipers will tell you your 4...
  4. Gymjunkie38

    Misued bodybuilding terms. Cutting vs fat loss

    If you need too loose 30 plus lbs too be shredded its not cutting you dont need too be running masteron and winstrol and tren and taking clenbuterol. These drugs are for contest prep when your very lean and still dieting your metabolism has slowed dramatically and you have too pull out all the...
  5. Gymjunkie38

    Vitamin shop bogo sale

    Jsut thought anyone who uses the vitamen shop would want too know there whole damn store is buy one get one half off for today and tommorow.
  6. Gymjunkie38

    New gains

    Well my legs are growing and they got me looking rediculous tonight at the movies cause ill go weeks without wearing anything but work uniforms and gym gear going too the movies tonight tried too put on some jeans yeah epic fail not one pair will go past my thighs except the 38s and the waist is...
  7. Gymjunkie38

    Epic first post

    Dylan been watching your vids brah but really didnt pay any freaking attention . So Im 16 and I have been working out for like 3 months steady now im getting plenty of peotien ate 3 big macs at lunch dirty bulk bro I got this dbol from my coach he said too take 6 a day .is this good oh Im 6/3...
  8. Gymjunkie38

    Ultimate cutting stack

    500 mg of fasted cardio 800 mg of eat less carbs and fat 50mg x2 daily of get out of that drive through And a heafty dose of your fat ass dont need no cheat meal Sorry I had too get that off my chest
  9. Gymjunkie38

    New rep

    Ill be helping out with biotech any question dont hesitate too ask .
  10. Gymjunkie38

    Touchdown with porn

    Less than a week again multiple transaction with Iwannagofaster and all been great . will continue doing bussiness with him.
  11. Gymjunkie38

    Cholesterol what you should be aware of.

    So I stress this alot everybody always worried about there liver and they should but theres this myth that orals hurt your liver and injectables cause no harm when infact there are much bigger fish too concern yourself with . with orals if your not a drinker and you keep cycles under 6 weeks and...
  12. Gymjunkie38

    Awsome service

    Well I made several smooth purchases from him and this time there was an error in getting the payment as I acciditely mixed up the refrence number we got it straitened out and it was completely my fault . I was sure it would have delayed shippment but no it was there today he sent my pack before...
  13. Gymjunkie38

    Regular people

    Outside of work Im pretty reclusive I guess all my friends are fitness competors and I spend all my time in the gym But when I have too face normal people it makes me sick too my stomach . Im at my kids Bday party watching my family who is all close too obiese pile in pizza cake and icecream...
  14. Gymjunkie38

    Clean pizza recipe

    Ok I just made this for me and the wife it was amazing so I figured Id share. Josephs low carb flat bread 100 grams of kraft fat free mozzarella 97percent fat free canadian bacon Veggies too liking Plain tamato sauce add garlic and basil and salt to taste Ends being like 15grams carbs 10...
  15. Gymjunkie38

    Sarms bridge for female

    This would be for my wife shes an advanced user competes in figure has good amount of muscle 5/8 150 lbs 18 percent bodyfat right now in offseason .shes on 100mg primo 50 mg 1test ( dyhydroboldenone) and 20mg anavar daily she usually bridges on 10 mg var was thinking about getting her too swtich...
  16. Gymjunkie38

    Biomex labs

    Got a 10 ml of EQ from biomex labs from my workout partner for a debt wondering if its any good or sell it . Im running eq in this cycle so if its good Ill toss it in there never had these guys before
  17. Gymjunkie38


    Second order total transaction took two days just arived this is definately my new go too for pharm very pleased good source he will get more of my bussiness
  18. Gymjunkie38


    Hi its my first post I want run dbol at 200 mg a day for 6 months then instead of pct I figure Ill just cut my nuts off . Then run cruise for a while on halotestin while binge drinking vodka dont worry im takingmilk thistle from cvs cause i did my homework SORRY I HAD TOO GO THERE LMAO
  19. Gymjunkie38

    Another g2g source for me

    Everything came in order was smooth gear looks good was gonna post pics but every pic I took wouldnt upload . got bayer proviron vermoje anavar and some dbol. Will be ordering some of that pfizer aromisn soon and more proviron IWGF was on point and timely with evrrthing and now I have an avenue...
  20. Gymjunkie38

    Its here cant wait too run it

    Sent money thursday here today on point as always and gear is always great thanks again bro .