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    third cycle considerations - add test or not?

    Hi Folks, I've done two cycles now with sarms and have been excited and pleased with the results... In a couple months, I'm planning on starting a third cycle and am considering, for the first time, to introduce test. My current stats are: 46yr old male 5' 10", 170lbs, 10 to 12% bf I know...
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    Opinions sought on second cycle - SARMS for bulking

    Hi Folks, I recently finished my first SARMs cycle and wanted to first thank you all for your advice. Overall I'm very, very pleased with the results from the following stack (all from SarmsX): SR9009 S4 GW LGD MK-2866 Currently doing a mini PCT but already thinking ahead you could say. I'm...
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    shutdown - what does it feel like?

    Hi Folks, I'm on my first ever cycle of any nature. At this time it is a sarms only cylce (SR, MK2866, GW, LGD, S4 - typical dosage schedules). I've obviously never experienced shutdown, until perhaps now - I've just completed my 6th week of the 12 week cycle. Granted that my experience is...
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    lurker turned member

    Hi Folks, For some time now i've been considering a steroid cycle. Reading here, and with Dylan's advice offline, I've decided a sarms stack would be better suited for me. That being the case, I've recently gotten my bloodwork done so I can see where I'm at before starting any kind of...