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    Winstrol oral vs injectable

    I am getting nothing but mixed reviews on the difference of the the toxicity if taken orally or injected. Some say there is no difference so why inject? Some say it dissolves easier in water although, it can be dissolved in oil with a talented chemist. They say the half life can be the only...
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    Winstrol distinct odor

    The source is fine. It's an approved source on this forum. I have never had any issues with any of Robolics gear. I am just a first time user of winstrol. I have used Robos tren,test e and c, masteron all legit. So are you saying winstrol in oil is unheard of? I know of the orals, water...
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    Winstrol distinct odor

    First time user of winny. I have winstrol injectable oil. I just can't seem to escape the odor. After injection I can smell it on me all day like as if I am holding the bottle by my nose. What is that chemical I am smelling?
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    Robolics; Yet Another Superb Experience!

    Robolics is awesome. Test c,e and tren ace and E. Quality is just great. Since we are on Robolics. Can a rep pm me. I just want to confirm that the email address hasn't changed. Been a few months.
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    Robo and Pharma Lady Gains!!!

    Hello all, Just wanna make sure this email is still good for [email protected]
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    Robo and Pharma Lady Gains!!!

    Goddayum. That is just beautiful. That is one hell of a stack buddy.
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    Test C / masteron E dosing

    Male 43 5'9" 185lbs 19% bf Current cycle Test C 300 mg wk Masteron E 400mg Goal is to drop to 15% Weigh 175-180lbs Look more aesthetic while staying at a healthy bf% I used this hand held device at xsport fitness that sends electric current throughout my body and according to their chart I was...
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    Pct from isarms

    Clicking links for pct from isarms and every pct product cannot be found. New link? Can someone point me in the right direction for liquid aromasin and caber/dostinex. Thanks
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    Titan pct is here!

    Wow that is amazing. Already properly dosed. Can a Titan rep pm me. I am interested in the pct and other products. I have delt with Robo. I would to try you guys out.
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    Tren Ace cycle: high carbs or low carbs?

    5'9 185 14%bf 43 y/o This will be my 4th tren ace cycle. I always had great results. I would slways start my tren on a sunday through sat eod 75mg totalling 300mg wk Test e Mon and Thur totalling 400mg wk My goal is 180 ripped. Although at 175 i had more noticeable six pack. More...
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    Robolics lower prices

    Hi Saiyan, I've used robolics b4 and sent emails through protonmail and no one has responded for two days now. I was thinking they are super busy. Can you please look into that. I sent my info to them and said you reffered me but nothing.
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    Robolics products and quality

    Welp was able to get my old forum account back. Can a robolics rep please contact me. Thanks
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    Robolics Deca

    Robo is top notch. Ordered test c and tren ace and very smooth. No pip. Results are great. I'm only 5'9 185 13%bf. @ 1800 calorie a day and keeps me at 185. Man can't wait to try Robo masteron and primo. Order from Robo, they won't disappoint.
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    Robolics no pip

    Youtube has great tutorials on how to pin quads. 2cc when I pin quads, so larger muscle I prefer. Quads require a steady hand. Besides Robolics gear is good stuff. There test cyp and tren ace are great.
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    Robolics no pip

    For sure bro. I actually pinned 100mg tren ace Lquad this morning around 5:30 and walked the hospital my whole shift. No pip or sorness. Although, I can tell I pinned cuz oil sitting. Robo��
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    Caps vs liquid sarms

    I know who you guys are reffering too. I posted a explanation on his youtube channel on how liquids scientifically are proven to absorb better then a capsule. The dude deleted it. Everyone one of his minions were his capsules were better. Sarms testolone,lgd 4033,gw cardarine, noticeable...
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    Robolics no pip

    Well im use to pinning my quads. Not sure how people are able to pull back when doing delts or glutes without assistance. Still no pip. Real test will be Robo's primo. That shit literally disables me for days.
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    Robolics no pip

    125mg test c & 100 mg tren ace,Rquad. Smooth inj. Robo you have my business. Thanks
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    Triplexmale dosage?

    Hello all, What is considered the sweet spot dosage when using triplexmale from sarmsx? Different for everyone?
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    12 wks cycle tren ace ...need help pct dosages

    12 week cycle 1-12 test c 300 mg wk 2-12 tren ace 300 wk Gw 501516 Liquid caber AI anastrozole .5mg eod Triplexstack preworkout Serms Liquid clo Liquid Nol Gw 501516 cardarine Need help dosing my pct. Also should my AI start 1st or second wk of cycle? 42 5'9 185 13% bf Goal is to...