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    Pharma HGH

    What is the most trusted brand of pharma HGH? Hardest to counterfeit?
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    Cardazol and Tbol

    Following. Nice work!
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    Estrogen,DHT, Shoulder acne,sarms bridge

    I did it to test blood serum and igf 1 levels. Do you not agree with that protocol?
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    Estrogen,DHT, Shoulder acne,sarms bridge

    I also pinned 10 iu's IM of the GH im on 3 hrs before bloodwork. Thanks Dylan!
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    Estrogen,DHT, Shoulder acne,sarms bridge

    Im trying to figure out what is causing my shoulder acne? Im 42. It has been 9 weeks since my last pin. I did a 6 week pct now I started a sarms bridge from E sarms- GW, S4, Stenabolic. Also M1 MK and 3 iu's a day of GH. Just got bloods back. ESTRADIOL,ULTRASENSITIVE, was 23 pg/ml. Could my DHT...
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    How to properly dose S4... The Dylan Gemelli Method

    I almost said what happened to E Sarms! Then I saw the dates LOL. Starting S4 in a week cant wait. Do you still recommend Stacking Proviron? Im also going to to run Stenabolic. Thanks!
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    Pharmacy grade clenbuterol from Steroidify

    Do you guys carry Ketotifen?
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    SUPER-CHARGE your brain.. Best Nootropic ever! only at P.S.L.

    Are they shipped in the blister packs in the box? Thanks
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    Sarms1 MK-677

    Is Sarms1 a good source for MK-677?
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    🚀 Steroidify has Udenafil 🚀

    Cialis hammers my sinus's and the headaches suck!
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    Sarms bridge

    Thanks bro! A little nervous about coming off in a couple weeks. I think I have everything in order to make a successful transition.
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    Sarms bridge

    Hey Dylan, esarms keeps sending me free bottles of M1 MK. Their service and products are great! Would you recommend adding M1 MK to my 6 week PCT from my first post^? Thanks!
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    Sarms bridge

    Thanks Dylan! I definitely want to be as lean as possible before I do another cycle. My diet got a little out of control this summer. Our boss buys fat lunches everyday and the fridge at work is stocked. I dont eat crap, I just eat a lot LOL.
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    Sarms bridge

    I am going to try and not be long winded. So 2 weeks after my last pin of test,deca, and primo I should start my PCT? clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25 nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20 aromasin 12.5 mg eod (adjust accordingly) ORGAN ST...
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    Ampule syringe filter

    Do you need a filter when drawing from a glass ampule?
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    Adding Winny

    this is last one
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    Adding Winny

    here is one more
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    Adding Winny

    These just came in. Any thoughts?
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    Adding Winny

    41, 6'3, 240 15% body fat. Goal is burning fat while building muscle. This is my 3rd cycle, 5 weeks into it. Added 10 mg GW a day one week ago. Im lifting 3-4 days a week and running 4-5 days a week. almost up to 20 miles a week. Thanks