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    Aromasin dose

    Yo guys I see on your new site the dosage on the liquid aro is 15mg/ml. So it's not 25mg/ml as it used to be or just a typo?
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    Always a pleasure

    ..dealing with PE. Fast shipping and quality liquid's! Now let's see how strong that aromasin is B-)
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    Back to basic..

    Ive latley been thinking about my earlier cycle's where i just ran a single compound or a single compound with a kicker and had good gains, and wondered if a simple cycle now after multiple stacks, advanced cycles etc could suprise me? Anyone (advanced user) ever just gone back to basic and had...
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    New year bulker!!

    Hey guy's Planing my winter bulker and thinking about switching some compounds. My plan was: 1-18 EQ 800mg 4 -18Test E 250mg 8-18 Tren E 500mg 1-4/6 Tbol 40-60mg I dont handle orals very well, but im thinking about changing they way i take em and take less. I usually take half dose in the am...
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    Uploading pics

    Hi guy's! Been away for abit now. Been crazy with show prep and such! On my pre contest cycle lay out i promised you guy's some pic's but there to large to upload and im by no means a computer whizz. Anyone know how i can shrink them or what ever? Haha :p Peace
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    SARMS for my girl?

    Hi guy's As ive hopped on the sarms wagon with impressive results, my girl was wondering if she could hop aboard too.. lol So how are the side effects, and im mostly thinking of the androgen one's as im massivley against girl's and steroid usage. I know GW wouldn't yield any (?), but the three...
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    noob questiom

    First of, if your running compounds that convert to estrogen you should always use an AI from the very start. So you dont get side's as gyno.. If you dont go down this route then nolva would be the best option for preventing gyno. But are you saying if you use the nolva now you dont have...
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    Show prep!