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    Winstrol oral vs injectable

    I am getting nothing but mixed reviews on the difference of the the toxicity if taken orally or injected. Some say there is no difference so why inject? Some say it dissolves easier in water although, it can be dissolved in oil with a talented chemist. They say the half life can be the only...
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    Winstrol distinct odor

    First time user of winny. I have winstrol injectable oil. I just can't seem to escape the odor. After injection I can smell it on me all day like as if I am holding the bottle by my nose. What is that chemical I am smelling?
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    Test C / masteron E dosing

    Male 43 5'9" 185lbs 19% bf Current cycle Test C 300 mg wk Masteron E 400mg Goal is to drop to 15% Weigh 175-180lbs Look more aesthetic while staying at a healthy bf% I used this hand held device at xsport fitness that sends electric current throughout my body and according to their chart I was...
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    Pct from isarms

    Clicking links for pct from isarms and every pct product cannot be found. New link? Can someone point me in the right direction for liquid aromasin and caber/dostinex. Thanks
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    Tren Ace cycle: high carbs or low carbs?

    5'9 185 14%bf 43 y/o This will be my 4th tren ace cycle. I always had great results. I would slways start my tren on a sunday through sat eod 75mg totalling 300mg wk Test e Mon and Thur totalling 400mg wk My goal is 180 ripped. Although at 175 i had more noticeable six pack. More...
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    Robolics no pip

    125mg test c & 100 mg tren ace,Rquad. Smooth inj. Robo you have my business. Thanks
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    Triplexmale dosage?

    Hello all, What is considered the sweet spot dosage when using triplexmale from sarmsx? Different for everyone?
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    12 wks cycle tren ace ...need help pct dosages

    12 week cycle 1-12 test c 300 mg wk 2-12 tren ace 300 wk Gw 501516 Liquid caber AI anastrozole .5mg eod Triplexstack preworkout Serms Liquid clo Liquid Nol Gw 501516 cardarine Need help dosing my pct. Also should my AI start 1st or second wk of cycle? 42 5'9 185 13% bf Goal is to...
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    Hello all, Just received my triplexstack. Can't imagine what the outcome will be while using test c and tren ace along with triplexstack. Guess only one way to find out. Ok, so when is the best time to dose triplexstack? Morning, 30min before workout . Currently I am using gw 30 min before...
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    AI. Anastrozole

    Well just watched Dyllan's youtube video on AI use. He seems confident about using an AI during a cycle. He covered how stupid it is to not use one. I have done at least 5 cycles involving test c & e,tren ace Masteron,primo,eq. Now Dyllan may frown on this. I only used it when I felt itchy...
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    First sarm cycle is going well

    42 5'9 185 12-14% bf Sarms are from Sarmsx Lgd 4033 10mg morning Rad 140 15mg morning Gw 20mg 45min before w/o Chased with grapefruit juice Diet (begining to hate it) Eggs 2 whole 3 whites 5am 2 whole grain toast Greek yogurt with granola 8am/ 1/2cup oatmeal Salmon 6oz / white rice...
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    Power stack

    The power stack is advertised as Rad140 ×3 Lgd 4033 x3 S4 ×3 This is sold as a 12 week cycle. I'm confused. Inregards how true that is for the rad 140 when the ideal dose is 20-30mg. Even with 3 bottles of rad 140 at those doses you would out before the 12 weeks. This power stack is $600
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    First sarms cycle

    Hello everyone 5'9 182 42y/o Bf? Tbh not sure how to figure it. I can see my sixpack when flexed.Not sure if that helps My diet is 45/35/20 protein,carbs,fats My first sarms stack Lgd 4033 Rad-140 Gw S4. Taken at recommended doses as instructed. Will run this cycle for 12 weeks straight...