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    12 Sarm bulking cycle from esarms

    Heys guys looking for some advice. I'm looking to gain some mass as I'm pretty slim for my height 6'1 185 35 years old 8-10% BF. I'm thinking of purchasing the 12 bulking cycle from esarms that consists of 12 week bulking stack includes: 3 bottle x cardazol 3 bottle x m1-mk 6 bottle x...
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    Samrs and estrogen levels

    Since samrs surpress you somewhat will that causes higher estrogen levels. Should you be taking a AI while running a stack? I plan on running this stack I've ran aas before and I don't think I can deal with the level of surpression I got. I...
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    Liver enzymes crazy high

    So I've been running mk-2866 and GW for about 7 weeks now along with a natty test booster. I got blood work done last week to get everything checked out and my alt/ast were thru the roof. I bought my sarms from From what I've read they're stuff is suppose to be legit. Could the text...