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    dihydroboldenone dhb

    Any sources selling DHB on here? I typically use pharmalady for everything, but doesn?t look like she has it.
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    Question about cut

    I’ve been cutting for 6 weeks and lost 15lbs just on my trt dose (150mg/week) and caloric deficit. 34 6’1” Sitting at 210 right now 12% bf Goal: 6-8% Currently eating 250P/250C/65F carbs go up to 350 on leg day, and fat comes down to 60 My metabolism is pretty good, and have only been doing...
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    SubQ Testosterone injections TRT

    Anyone have any experience with SubQ TRT injections? I’ve read a bit about it on a men’s form, and people are having great success with lower estrogenic effects. Just curious if anyone has any personal experience with this....good and bad.
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    Adding Igf-1 to trt

    I've been on trt for over 2 years and added in hgh @4iu/day about 2 months ago. I just ordered some igf-1 des and wanted to try some spot growth injections. Anyone have any experience with this? I've been injecting my hgh all at once pre workout on training days only. I make sure not to eat at...
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    Coming off of trt help.

    Been on trt for a year and want to try and come off. I went through a wellness clinic and since I've had nothing but issues. What protocol do you guys suggest for coming off? I plan on asking them as well, but you guys seem more knowledgeable than they do. My test was in the 600s when I...
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    Trt clinics

    I've spoken to 3 diff wellness trt hrt clinics and they've all told me the exact same thing. They prescribe all patients with trt, anti E, and hcg. Why would they give you hcg daily or eod whatever the protocol might be. Wouldn't hcg taken weekly screw your body up in some way?
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    S4 question

    Any benefit to taking more than 100mg/day of s4? I'm taking 50mg upon waking and 50mg before bed. No negative side effects....any benifit to upping the dose? Any benifit do upping GW dose? I'm aiming for fat loss while maintaining muscle. I already notice a difference in my midsection. Trt S4...
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    S4 question

    Any benifit of going over 100mg of s4 daily? I'm doing 50mg am and 50mg before bed daily. No negative sides so far.
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    Domestic aromasin and GH

    Now that the federal is gone, who can I get domestic aromasin and GH from?
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    Any of you ever take DNP? I'm not going to take it...just curious if anyone has and what types of results and sides you got from It? From what I've read it sounds so fucked up lol. That fool on enhanced athlete keeps saying it's safer than clen and he went from 12%bf to 8% in a week. What in the...
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    Traveling with aas

    Obviously it's better not to travel with illegal things but.....I'm going on a cruise for 14 days. I've never had an issue with taking my test with me in my luggage on airplanes in the past, but I've never been on a cruise. Does anyone know if they do any in debt luggage searches? I just plan on...
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    Letrozol interfering with sarms/var

    Would letro interfere with s4, ostarine, or var? As in would they be fighting for the same receptors? Have a slight gyno issue and was going to try running letro at 2.5mg/day to see if it would clear it up. Didn't want to run it with my sarms and var if it would be counter productive. I have a...
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    Sarm advice on cruise

    I'm cruising on 250mg test And 4iu glotropin GH/day Diet is on point and have been dropping about a lb a week for 8 weeks, but hit a plateau. I'm going to continue dropping my calories slowly but am thinking about adding in a sarm to kick my fat burning into high gear (I'm impatient). I need...
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    Canadian sources

    Anyone use any Canadian sources? I spoke with one company and they're telling me they can send product without going through customs. Shipments time 2-3 days. I'm not familiar with ordering anything from Canada and their laws as far as customs. This sound right to anyone? I'm looking for pharma...
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    Domestic GH

    Anyone on here a good source for gh in the states? I've recently had 2 packages ceased back to back from pharmalady (6 kits of gh). I'm going to hold off for awhile on the over seas orders until customs calms down a bit.
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    Weird bruise

    I started trt a year or so ago and I've never injected this far back, but noticed a couple days after one injection I had a dark area on my mid/lower hamstring. It hurt a bit and as he says went on it started hurting worse and worse. Of course I'm an idiot and just delt with it. After a couple...
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    True ketogenic diet adding mass

    I've been doing a lot of reading about ketogenic diets. What I've found is, you should be able to add lean mass more efficiently than with useing a typical bro diet plan. I hear people say they're keto yet after looking into it, most people that say it are actually just low carb. A true...
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    Mixing Glotropin HGH Pharma Lady

    So I just got my shipment in from pharmalady and don't want to mess up the mixture. She sent me a vial of sodium chloride water as well. They're 8iu vials and I'm wanting to use 2iu/day. How much sodium chloride water do I add to the mixture, and how much do I draw out into a slin pin? I've been...
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    Blood work info

    Anyone ever use this lab? Starting a cycle when it comes in the mail, and want to get bloodwork prior/midway/after my cycle. I'm not very familiar with ordering tests. Could someone check that link for me and suggest the...
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    Help with cycle test/npp/hgh

    Hello 31 210lbs 12%bf Been training for years. Have a couple cycles under my belt and want to try something new. I'm on trt My thoughts Test E 250mg/week Npp 100mg/eod (350/week) Generic hgh 4iu/day on training days 3 days on 1 day off, repeat (basically 6 days a week) I train 3 on 1 on...