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    Customer Testimonials- IWGF/9th Wonder/BGS

    How did this thread go from BGS to proform?
  2. J

    IWGF BGS Test C, Deca & Tbol 8 weeks in F*CKIN' GAINZ

    I'm always hearing good reviews on BGS tbol. That's one steroid I haven't tried.
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    When insulin is released it converts glucose to glycogen. This needs to be transported and "received" by tissue (fat, muscle). Glycogen is received through receptors. Insulin resistance is when these receptors more or less become burned out or "resistant". This causes the pancreas to release...
  4. J


    I meant to say 50 grams of dextrose in those shakes.
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    I used it for 6 weeks during my last bulk and I had really good results. Great workouts taking it pre workout. I ran it with mk677. I would make sure you have your diet down to a science though. If you can't do that I wouldn't touch it. I used 10 iu of novilin r with 5 grams dextrose and bcaa...
  6. J

    How is the BGS gear?

    He has really good tren . I have multiple bloods on his test cyp and it is really good
  7. J

    Titan Research Labs - now public!

    Is this the Titan that was on meso yrs ago?
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    Bro I kid you not people are posting tracking info on fucking Facebook. I'm in a few bodybuilding groups where this is happening
  9. J

    Source link

    It was better organized before
  10. J

    Source link

    What happened to the sponsor sub forums here? Their was a list
  11. J

    Ostarine- healer of injuries?

    I'll give it a try but I'll be running it with a cruise dose of t. I've been on test for 5 yrs. You advise 25 mg? And I'm assuming Sarmsx has good purity ?
  12. J

    Ostarine- healer of injuries?

    I am fine with anecdotal evidence to a degree but let's be honest here- Saying something can "heal" joints and tendons isn't exactly something that can be measured subjectively. How many people swore that nandrolone was a source for healing their injuries until years later science proved it in...
  13. J

    Ostarine- healer of injuries?

    Mk has the studies I'm looking for but I'm on a diet at the moment. Going to add that to my next bulk. Ostarine doesn't support its healing properties through science. The only thing I can find is people claiming that it does.
  14. J

    Ostarine- healer of injuries?

    Well I searched google scholar and nothing came up in regards to this. The studies are on muscle wasting but nothing that supports this injury prevention theory
  15. J

    Ostarine- healer of injuries?

    I came across this article: This section specifically: Healing of Injuries Mk-2866 has proven to be quite beneficial in healing and perhaps preventing injuries in tendons, bone, and ligaments. Studies have shown, it is better than...
  16. J

    Phurious HGH... It's time

    Is this generics?
  17. J

    I heard of AY, but don't know who is

    Best ever. I'm not sure she will return though
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    What to do with a compromised pack!

    They don't watch shit. I've had packs remailed to the same address, from the same address 1 week after receiving the live letter and I'm here to tell the tale. Where do ppl come up with this shit?
  19. J

    Robolics Bloodwork

    Also. I'm in no way trying to put Robo on blast. I've heard their tren is amongst the best
  20. J

    Robolics Bloodwork

    so for those who blast and cruise your expectation is that they blood test every vial? I just don't like this type of inconsistency , that's all. When I see an admitted "bad batch" how can one be certain?