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    mk2866 and liver enzyme levels

    The SARMs I'm using are from Sinister Labs. It's what was on the shelf at the local healthfood & sports store. And I'm not using liver support. Going to go get some today. Do I just get TUDCA or milk thistle, or is there something better / more legit I should be looking for?
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    mk2866 and liver enzyme levels

    First time trying out SARMs, mk2866 capsules, 15mg per day. I'm about 3 weeks into it I think. Anyway I get regular bloodwork and my liver enzymes seem way off. About a 60 days before I started my ALT/SGPT was 44 U/L, and AST/SGOT was 28 U/L, today they're 109 and 52 respectively. Do I just...