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    Aromasin Dosage

    Many guys that are on TRT for years are able to be put on HCG temporarily in order to have kids. The success rate is pretty high. HCG is fairly estrogenic itself and comes with its own issues long you don't want to be taking an AI frequently long term either (cholesterol issues, etc).
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    Tren dick

    That's a lot of test to be running with 350/wk're asking for trouble, especially if you know that you are sensitive to prolactin issues. Lower the test and let the tren do the work. And continue with the caber/aromasin. See if that helps.
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    Pharmalady June Specials

    Yes please let us know when things are back to normal...or at least running smoothly.
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    Pharmalady Shipping Option

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Newbie Test Cyp cycle and post cycle advise

    Also...T3/T4 is mainly used by ppl using insulin/HGH, and really is advised to be used under a doctor's care, if at all. You do it wrong and you could cause permanent damage to your thyroid
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    Newbie Test Cyp cycle and post cycle advise

    Whoever you're getting your cycle advice from...yeah DON'T take advice from that guy anymore
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    Diet and Nutrition basics 101

    Very well said Rick. Sums it up pretty nicely
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    New to sarms

    Solid advice
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    Gear and epidemic

    Watch out for scammers. Do your research before you try a source. If you find a good source then they should always carry quality gear, virus or no virus. They may not have as much in stock, but it should still be quality if it's a good source. The price of the actual gear is source dependent...
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    Try craigslist or academy. That's where I got my stuff at
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    First test and deca cycle

    Patience man. I know you want to get big but have some patience. Do it the right way. Test only first cycle. Your body has never had any AAS before, so use that to your advantage and stick with one compound before you go building up your tolerance unnecessarily. Also, b/c your body has never...
  12. S reviews and special offers

    I've seen ya'll over at evolutionary, been seriously thinking about placing an order with you. The title of the thread mentions "special offers" you have any right now?
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    Pharmalady Shipping Option

    Fair enough. Will be ordering soon. Thank you for the info.
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    Pharmalady Shipping Option

    If express shipping was not an option for the U.S. before, how is it now? If it is then that's great, but I thought it was for only limited areas in Europe and Asia. Can we expect the same (4-5) day estimate as people overseas?
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    To rest day or not to rest day? That is the question

    I generally lift 4 days a week with HIIT sprints peppered in 2-3 times/wk after my lifts. Of the remainning 3 days I usually rest completely from the gym for 2 of them and on the other day I may do some abs/cardio. I'm sure you've heard this: strength and muscle gains actually occur outside the...
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    New cycle design help

    I'm going to assume when you say you usually do "the traditional 1 injectable 1 oral and pct of course" that you don't count test as your 1 injectable, you count it as your base. You will need the test obviously if you're going to run things like Deca, EQ, etc. EQ and Deca are both slow acting...
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    On cycle support

    Milk Thistle and NAC at a minimum. Organ ST is a great, comprehensive formula which contains both of those as well as many other things
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    pharmalady review

    PL is legit. Products are great quality and there's a wide variety to chose from. Customer service is excellent too: An order I made got seized by customs in Chicago in 2017. I was in the process of working out a reshipment with her when I got sent to prison late in 2017 for something I had been...
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    What’s up 30 6’0 205 lbs BF 14% Current goals: Injury recovery 225 at 10% or less Improved quality of life Have experience with test, masteron, eq, tren, dbol, anavar Been 3 yrs since I’ve ran a cycle, but i still lift regularly. I've been recovering from an accident I had 3 yrs ago and I...
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    deca and equipoise

    DAMN I was skimming through this thread yesterday only to read half of your reply mostly focused on the statement with all the **** because the * made it seem like the most important part of your post.... No wonder it was so painful geez bro I didn't know you were just kidding!! But I hit it...