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    Elevated Prolactin - Meeting with Endo

    After having some blood work done it was noticed that my Prolactin Levels were elevated - 23.1 (normal range is 3 - 15). My understanding is that raised prolactin is result from Tren usage. Which I used once last summer -- and the only time I've ever done a cycle. I did not take Caber (or...
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    Natural test Boosters?

    Whats yall opinions of them? Got any that you'd suggest? Couple I've seen: M-Theory quantum T Core Test Prime Male
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    Low test level after blood work

    Y'all. Got some blood work done. All regular blood work came back good. Hdl ldl etc.... Test levels were at 93. Was told 200-800 should be a range. Any input why it be so low? Yes very vague. But a bit taken back to results. Nurse suggested I go to urologist for an appointment.
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    First time blood work on sarms

    I am going today to get some blood work done. I've only been on enhanced super stack for 3 weeks with 9 more to go. I am not familiar with blood work data sheet. What should I ask to be checked? Which categories should I be most concerned with after getting the results? I plan on...
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    Sarms in alcohol grain?

    Out of curiosity. Why are sarms distilled in alcohol grains? Does it help with absorption? Would it aid in shelf life of the sarms (kinda like salt in foods)?
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    Rad140 dropper dosages??

    According to Dylan suggestions. On enhanced super stack. Rad140 is to be dosage at 20mgs daily. (Hopefully I'm reading correctly the dropper) Would that mean 2 full 1.0ML droplets?
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    Shipment purgatory?!?

    Can any help shed some light on there experience with first time purchasing? I feel like I'm in shipment purgatory. I placed a purchase over a week ago, the 22 to be exact. And to date the shipment has been idle. Kinda frustrating when nothing is changing in usps tracking status. ...
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    Transformation Redsoons 2017

    Here are the beginning Stats: M 34 194 lbs **6'0" 13-14% BF End date: June 24 (16 weeks away) ------ Looking for a Cutting initially. Dylan set me up with a 12 week Enhanced Super Stack. Looking very forward to jumping on it. ------ Nutrition: Needing a little bit of advice. Been...
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    Stacking Question? SUPERMAN??

    Dylan I am reaching out to you asking for some suggestion on a Sarmsx stack. Last year I was in a rut trying looking to see body transformations. Without sounding like a true BRO you probably hear about on the daily forum. I wanted to have a ripped physique so purchased online training from...