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    US domestic Source cash?

    I used to use robolics but seems he is no longer a vendor. What is a reputable source that deals with cash?
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    Doctors are useless

    I just went to an endo regarding my self prescribed TRT use. I had already discussed with my PCP several times about my usage. He would not give me bloodwork, told me to just cold turkey and that there’s no reason I should not recover. Basically called me a criminal for purchasing...
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    Can someone help me understand my estrogen labs?

    Labs came back at 184 estrogen total with a ref range of 60-190. Is this my e2? It does not break it down. I assume it’s total estrogen (e1, e2, e3?) since the ref range is a minimum of 60. Obviously I am a bit high and I do have gyno. Some was prepubescent gyno before using but has since...
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    Just wanna say shout out Robo

    I know there’s a lot of these but I gotta give credit where it’s due. Robo is always on his game and is nothing but top quality. Super quick shipping. Got it in less than a week. Good shit. My number one source!
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    Started my tren enathate and test enathate cycle

    I'd go 40/40/20/20 nolva 50/50/50/50 clomid