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    dihydroboldenone dhb

    Any sources selling DHB on here? I typically use pharmalady for everything, but doesn?t look like she has it.
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    Question about cut

    Appreciate the response. I’ll just stick to the sarms. I’ll do the s4,gw, and rad for the cut. Then I’ll use the lgd for recomp. Thanks again
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    Question about cut

    I’ve been cutting for 6 weeks and lost 15lbs just on my trt dose (150mg/week) and caloric deficit. 34 6’1” Sitting at 210 right now 12% bf Goal: 6-8% Currently eating 250P/250C/65F carbs go up to 350 on leg day, and fat comes down to 60 My metabolism is pretty good, and have only been doing...
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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    Can you shoot me a price list please
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    US domestic-only source

    Looking for domestic source for test prop and hcg amongst other things. Please
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    Cbbram Announcement

    Hey brother, can you shoot me a price list please.
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    SubQ Testosterone injections TRT

    Anyone have any experience with SubQ TRT injections? I’ve read a bit about it on a men’s form, and people are having great success with lower estrogenic effects. Just curious if anyone has any personal experience with this....good and bad.
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    Just a reminder. We got Saizen HGH guys.. domestic.

    Price list please. Please pm me a price list. Appreciate it!
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    Pharma Lady Brand Recommendations

    Can you shoot me over a price list brother. I’d really appreciate it.
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    Adding Igf-1 to trt

    I've been on trt for over 2 years and added in hgh @4iu/day about 2 months ago. I just ordered some igf-1 des and wanted to try some spot growth injections. Anyone have any experience with this? I've been injecting my hgh all at once pre workout on training days only. I make sure not to eat at...
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    Coming off of trt help.

    Been on trt for a year and want to try and come off. I went through a wellness clinic and since I've had nothing but issues. What protocol do you guys suggest for coming off? I plan on asking them as well, but you guys seem more knowledgeable than they do. My test was in the 600s when I...
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    Trt clinics

    I've read mixed reviews on hcg. What roll does hcg actually play in replacement therapy? I do want to have children one day. Currently 200mg test/week aromasin 12.5 twice weekly. Would adding in hcg every so often benefit me?
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    Trt clinics

    I've spoken to 3 diff wellness trt hrt clinics and they've all told me the exact same thing. They prescribe all patients with trt, anti E, and hcg. Why would they give you hcg daily or eod whatever the protocol might be. Wouldn't hcg taken weekly screw your body up in some way?
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    S4 question

    I got the s4 from sarmsX. I've run it before and ramped up to 100mg slowly without sides. So I figured I'd be fine running it at 100mg since my last experience with it wasn't an issue. Is that not correct?
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    S4 question

    I started at 50 and upped it to 100 after a week. 210 lbs 6'2" Bf 11% I'm in a caloric deficit Start my lifts with heavy compounds then do hypertrophy movements I've done a couple cycles in the past. Just wanted to add something to my trt protocol to speed up fat loss. I'd like to be 7-8%...
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    S4 question

    Any benefit to taking more than 100mg/day of s4? I'm taking 50mg upon waking and 50mg before bed. No negative side effects....any benifit to upping the dose? Any benifit do upping GW dose? I'm aiming for fat loss while maintaining muscle. I already notice a difference in my midsection. Trt S4...
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    S4 question

    Any benifit of going over 100mg of s4 daily? I'm doing 50mg am and 50mg before bed daily. No negative sides so far.
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    Domestic aromasin and GH

    Thanks boys.
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    Domestic aromasin and GH

    Now that the federal is gone, who can I get domestic aromasin and GH from?
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    Bostin loyd quote of the day!

    He seems like a genuine dude. Yeah he's abused the fuck out of his body, but if you watch his vids he actually seems like he doesn't want to see people getting hurt (even though his insides are probably fucked) lol