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    Lab Work.. WTF!

    i agree bro. but i'm on a cut 2300 cal a day & 180-200mg carbs. sodium af a minimum. sorry should of posted diet in the thread earlier
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    Lab Work.. WTF!

    someone also said i might have done the wrong test. i did hormone panel from privatemd. they suggested to try the ultra sensitive estrogen test
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    Lab Work.. WTF!

    and my stats are 5'11 206 16% bf
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    Lab Work.. WTF!

    Hey guys, i'm going to try and make this short because i don't want it to be too long. I've been on cycle for a week and a half now and have noticed my face bloat a lot. My diet hasn't been extensor perfect buts it's been good enough to the point where i shouldn't be bloating this bad. This is...
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    Urgent Trenbolone questions

    sounds like he just stopped giving a shit
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    Hey guys, So i've been considerating a tren cycle (would be my first) but i'm not sure if i should add in EQ to it. To make a long story short, i've done plenty of test e, eq cycles together but never got around to trying tren. So i'm not a noob. My proposed cycle would be: test e: 300mg 1x...
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    Coming off TRT?

    yes I want kids I. the future. and I don't want to die from using test for 40+ years lol
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    Coming off TRT?

    Hey everyone, looking for a bit of advice. long story short my doc diagnosed me with low test based on a few blood tests I've taken. they came around 150-250 range all 3 times throughout a seven month period. he told me to get on TRT. the only problem is I'm 23. he didn't even try to find out...
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    Cycle Review

    ah the man himself! thanks for the reply bro. and all your help i always watch the videos and I'm sure this cycle seems familiar because I've used your knowledge to piece it together. I guess I'd say my goal is to just gain size while losing the last bit of fat areas around my lower stomach and...
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    Pharmacist from EU pharma?

    Hey guys, Anyone heard of pharmacist from Eu pharmacies? He doesn't have a website but a thread with like 200+ pages of purple buying from him. You guys think his AI is legit? Claims to be a mom and pop pharmacy from EU...
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    Cycle Review

    Hey guys what's up! New poster here and really enjoying the forum so far. I want to try Tren for the first time and Inwanted some advice on how this cycle looks. A bit about myself: First to note I Am on TRT (sadly at such a young age) 27 Years old, 5'10 weighing around 185 and at exactly 10%...
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    Summer Cycle Advice

    Cycle looks good imo. I would up the EQ to about 600-700 because thats where the sweet spot for the most is and I would incorporate gw501516 to help with endurance and fat loss.