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    Test Flu? just sick ?

    Assuming no ones a doctor and can diagnose me over the forum lol.. Is "test flu" a true thing???, Two weeks in to my 300mg weekly test cyp cycle. Last two pins have had me sore for 2 days each time....not that its concerning, how ever previous cycle was no where near as bad with higher...
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    Taper cycle ? Yes or no

    Hello, Looking for opinions, MY previous test cycle I did a beginner style 8 week taper.. Up the dosage for 4 weeks, then taper back down for 4. Before running my next cycle would I see better results just running a consistent dosage every week. Test CYP is what I will be using. My stats...
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    SARMS bulking stack ?

    Hey guys, wanting to try a bulking cycle of Sarms just as an experiment to see how my body reacts. Could someone post below a good stack to put on some size this winter. And yes, I have ran an 8 week cycle of test before (last year) had a good results, have also taken other peds. This just an...
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    Anavar PCT HELP!

    Hello guys! Currently on beginning of week 3 of my super small Anavar cycle. Was curious what my PCT should look like after this cycle with running such small dosages? Week1- 10mg VAR, 10mg caradine ED Week2- 10mg VAR, 10mg Caradine ED Week3- 20MG VAR, 10mg Caradine ED Should I do a huge...