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    Need advise on my next cycle. Test/ Primo Cycle

    Hi, Looking to add quality lean mass while dropping fat. This will be my 6th cycle. I’m 56yrs. old, 6ft. about 13% body fat, (measured by a hand held body composition device, not sure how accurate it is.) 198lbs. I’ve done Test E,Tren E, Mast E and Test C/winny in past cycles, but didn’t like...
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    Thanks Taz and PharmaComStore!

    Thanks Taz! For your help. This is my second order from PharmaComStore and highly recommended them. Order placed 7/17 and received it 7/31.
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    New guy

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the forum, joined about a month ago. I've been training since high school football back in the 80s. However, with family and work it got put to the bottom of the list. But, went my son started playing ball we hit the iron. To make a long story short...