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  1. Androman

    Any source carry 1-test Cyp, DHB?

    I heard this stuff is a much more potent anabolic, I'm wondering if any source on here has it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Androman

    What's your favorite dose of Test?

    For maximum benefits and minimal sides when stacking with another anabolic(s), where do you fellas like to keep your test dose at? Personally I always felt anything over 750mg of real dosed Test just gave me more side effects with very little extra benefit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Androman

    TheFederal TD

    Fuck yea! TD with the Fed. Great communication overall, he's actually a pretty cool guy, great presentation and super fast shipping. Got some aromasin & V, just finished trying the viagra w/ my girl and I can say it's good to go, I'm super flushed, a little deaf and blind, kinda like Helen...
  4. Androman

    Valhalla had me like...

    I'm 4 weeks in this bitch, w/ 16 more to go. On 750mg Sustanon & 600mg Bold-U, and to know the EQ hasn't peaked yet, VALHALLA will have u swwwwooooole pimpin baby. Get With It Or Get Lost[emoji769] As for the mustache emoji, I really do have one in real life since I'm trying to fit the...
  5. Androman

    SNAPCITY on Devin Physique's chest (VIDEO)

    It's on the GRAM, ladies and gents. I don't really care for this guy but the sound is sick, he ended up tearing his chest or something, turn up the volume & prepare to cringe! Little reality check for some of us lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Androman

    Valhalla -Andro.

    Decided to place an order with fellow NY's lab, due to all the hectic commotion I wanted in. Got a jug of Sust & a little 10ML of EQ for tryouts. Pinned about 300mg of T and 180 of bold, went as smooth as can be. One thing I really like about Valhalla, is it's basically a dream lab. People...
  7. Androman

    Kevin Levrone's Comeback Olympia 2016

    As some of you may or may not know, Kevin Levrone, IFBB Pro & Hall of Famer, is planning to make a comeback at the Mr.Olympia 2016, what do you guys think of this????? Sounds pretty intense! Sent from the swolest element under this atmosphere
  8. Androman

    Shout out to NY Robo

    Did a contest a couple days ago for some Robo Test Cyp & won, goodies arrived today. Now time to pin myself & get me some of these Robo Gainz!!!! For those of you that don't know Robolics has been in the game for about a decade i think. That itself should tell you something about the lab...
  9. Androman

    EQ vs Deca for Joint support

    For those who have tried and had experience with EQ & DECA, did you guys find EQ to be superior in increasing collagen synthesis when compared to Deca? I need some joint support but don't want to run low dose deca because it bloats the heck out of me, then with the nipples getting all tendered...
  10. Androman

    STORY TIME, Origin of AAS.

    Some of you may already know this literature, some of you may not. But I want to tell you guys a little story about the origin of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. In 1849, a German physiologist and zoologist that goes by the name of Arnold Adolph Berthold, basically neutered (or removed the...
  11. Androman

    Your liver and the toxicity of oral AAS.

    Some of you may already know this but this thread is to inform the misinformed about the toxicity of oral anabolic steroid use. I'm writing this thread because I was running anadrol @ 100mg ED and had to stop because my food wasn't digesting and led to becoming constipated, had really bad gas...
  12. Androman

    How long for increased dose to kick in

    I was wondering how long would an increased dosage mid cycle kick in if you're running a long ester steroid? For example I was running 250mg of trenbolone enanthate for exactly four weeks yesterday and increased to 400mg today, would it take another 4-5 weeks to peak or would it peak quicker? I...
  13. Androman

    Your Turinabol/Turanabol/TBol experience..

    I want to gather as much information from your experience with tbol because it's always been mysteriously intriguing to me. In terms of hardness, vascularity, gains, strength etc. One of the few compounds I never touched. Im currently taking test e, 300mg e3D with NPP 150mg EOD (750mg/525mg pw)...
  14. Androman

    Is AR still UC?

    Is AR under construction or is it my server? Same with Tapatalk. I can't seem to get on here. Happened three times, it lets me in for a little then when I refresh the page I get kicked off.
  15. Androman

    stacking two orals?

    Hey whats up family, I'm about to finish my 8weeker and cruise for 12 weeks before blasting again with high test dose cycle. (I am going to have to get bloodwork done and get everything back in place first.) I was wondering, I've read people can stack anadrol with winstrol and get some sort of...
  16. Androman

    Tren/Test/Masteron Blend killed off with Tbol/Var/or Winstrol

    Hey guys, new to the forum here; I'm 4.5 weeks into my cycle of Prop/Mast/Tren blend of 100mg/ml Im taking .8ML ED (560mgs of each a week), have caber on hand, and taking letro 1.25mg daily. Before cycle, I went on a low carb diet for two weeks, and dropped a lot of water retention (about...