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  1. BillyBatson

    @Dylan . . . When to Start PCT after MENT Cycle?

    Hey Dylan: I'm on the tail end of (what I consider to be) a very successful 6-week oral MENT Ace (50mg/day) cycle. I have my PCT ready to go . . . Clomid, Nolva, Aromasin, GW-501516 and MK-2866. (Hoping the addition of MK-2866 will help maintain much of the gains and strength increase I've...
  2. BillyBatson

    Best Time To Dose MENT ??

    About to try a cycle of oral MENT - 50mg/day Just wanted to tap the collective as to your thoughts as to when the best time to dose oral MENT is during the day. (I usually workout in the afternoon - 4:30 PM) Anytime? Just Before Workout? THANK YOU for any thoughts/insight you can offer.
  3. BillyBatson

    Any Cyber Monday Specials ??

    Wondering if any of the sources will be offering any CYBER MONDAY special sales/discounts.
  4. BillyBatson

    GW-501516 - A P.E.D. . . . in the Bedroom ??

    Having watched Dylan's videos on the merits/benefits of GW-501516 as a performance/endurance enhancer, I can't help but wonder if GW's performance/endurance enhancing benefits also translate over into rigorous bedroom activities. (If you have to ask for clarification, clearly you aren't...
  5. BillyBatson

    Test E + MK677

    So with MK677 being a growth hormone secretagogue, I was wondering what you all think the potential results/interaction might be by adding MK677 (25mg/day) to a 500mg/week Test-E 16 week cycle.
  6. BillyBatson


    About mid-2015, YK-11 seemed to be all the rage. Now I hardly ever hear anything about it anymore. Any thoughts, experiences, insight?
  7. BillyBatson

    S4 in an Anabolic Cycle ??

    I watched Dylan's great video on S4 and was wondering if S4 is something that can be used as part of/with an anabolics cycle - perhaps replacing Winstrol or Anavar at the end?