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    Questions about slin pins for tren and mast.

    What's up guys been awhile since I been on been grinding hard as hell getting my physique best as I possibly can staying focused. OK so im curious about using slin pins for the tren and mast. Injections coming soon since I will be pinning EOD. So far i been doing quads glutes and vg. With other...
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    Huge shout out to titan!!

    Had a big TD from titan friday. Been trying to show some Porn but my pos phone is being gay.. Anyways I really appreciate everything this guy does and how dedicated he is to make sure everything is 100%. If there's something wrong he won't hesitate one bit to make sure it's right and you get...
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    At a loss.. blood work post cycle..

    Should be a attachment to this with my blood work on it.. My cycle was a 16wk cycle test 500mg a wk and EQ 800mg a wk. My last pin was one week ago from yesterday. In week 8 I stopped taking my AI of aromasin 12.5mg EOD because I felt like I was crashing my estro really bad. So wk 8 to 16 no...
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    Primo vs mast?

    Hey what's going on guys just wanting to get some info on primo and mast. Is it about the same, what scenario would they be used in and if one has little edge then the other.. thanks
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    800mg of EQ in wk 14 question

    Running 500mg test cyp and 800mg of EQ 16 wk cycle,I'm currently in week 14 my question is running EQ at 800mg should my rbc be up or does it varie.. I've donated once mid cycle and my rbc was 49 in the normal range and I went this morning to check it before I donated and it's still the same.. I...
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    Waisted shots?

    What's up guys have a question.. can you actually waste a shot if not injected into muscle.. here's my story. On my second cycle currently 16 wks, I'm running test cyp and EQ the doses wks 1-8 was 350mg of test and 800mg of EQ, starting wk 9 i upped my test to 500mg because I really to me...
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    Anyone have experience with T3 and pain?

    Seeing if anyone has or had experience with T3. Dosing protocol was 35mcg week 1 then wk 2 75mcg wk 3 100mcg into wks 4 and 5 the taper down wk 6. Problem was day 4 had crazy upper back pain almost like a horrible cramp only thing that would subside it was drinking a lot more water. It was...
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    Anyone have a no minimum? In a little hiccup

    I'm in need of another test cyp bottle. I ran a bit short due to my dose being to small and since I'm upping it I need another bottle to finish out. Thanks guys
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    Upping test dose during cycle?

    Hey guys. Currently running test and eq. This is my second cycle from a test only cycle which was at 450mg a week. I'm currently running 350mg test and 800mg of eq a week I'm on my 9th week and I don't really feel much stronger as I did my previous cycle or that much of change in myself. I know...
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    Pinning areas and couple questions.

    Hey guys so for my last 2 cycles and currently been pinning my glutes. They seem to be getting more and more difficult to pin. I'm using 25g 1.5 long pins. I was thinking about doing my quads but have read bad things on it. So I would like to know best areas. I'm doing 2.5cc of oil total so my...
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    Need help with low/high estrogen?

    I'm in the 5th week of tbol wks 1-6 60mgs and test cyp at 350mg and EQ at 800 wks 1-16.. I'm taking aromas in 12.5mg eod.. OK I'm experiencing pretty extreme fatigue no drive no motivation body and joints are constantly sore especially in my back and I do have bloat and constipation.. my diet...
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    Source for t3 tabs

    What's up guys can one of you guys lead me in right direction for some t3 tabs plz and Thank you
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    Is GH worth adding to your cycle? 4-5ui's a day?

    What's up guys.. just wanted to hear some thoughts on if it's worth adding GH to a cycle or would it not be worth the money to add it in to reap some more benefits. And I'm talking generic GH here..
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    Anyone know of a good peptide source?

    Just seeing if anyone knew of a peptide source. There's a lot out there but not sure who is worth it.
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    Back acne getting annoying.

    I've been off cycle for over 3 months now test cyp only cycle. Never had any acne on my back back ever I was getting a little on my back towards the end of my 12 week run and now I've been off for over 3 months and it seems to be getting worse won't go away. I have great hygiene.. just seeing...
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    Titan research price list plz!

    Hey titan!! Can you post a price list for me plz or pm me it.. thanks!
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    Hgh frag in with my recomp?

    Hey guys! 4 more days till my start of recomp!! It consist of test, eq, rad, s4, lgd. Didn't wanna layout the whole cycle but my question is would there be any benefit to adding hgh frag into my morning fasted cardio sessions and before bed or having those sarms and two compounds be good? Thanks
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    Titan TD!

    Great shipping fast! Got my liquid gold in two days earlier then the shipping date! Super fast! Will be posting some titan porn up tonight!
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    2nd cycle recomp cycle. Wanting layout

    What's up guys looking for a recomp cycle. This will be my second cycle. First one was test c. 400mg a week 12 wks. Amazing results hardly no sides just Lil ache on back but it's already cleared. I was 200lbs went up to 225 end of cycle and I'm sitting at 215 right now. I'm 5'11 31 yrs old. Been...
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    Experiencing sides on my pct.

    Today was day one for my pct. Currently have aromasin liquid form clomid liquid form and nolva pill form. Is there certain timing to take these or separate timing doses? Still dojng 12.5mg aromasin eod and did 50 clomid and 40 nolva. 15 min later and still continued feel like I'm 6 months...