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    Back acne

    zinc ointment will dry your pimples 🥵, supplements for acne like these will protect you from it.
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    Back acne

    if you want, try detox supplements or some home remedies for acne (zinc cream, supplements, acids), your problem shows that other detox zones work badly.
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    Steroidify - Best Vitamins for Skin Health

    Glutathione is taken for glowing skin. Also, it considers as a beauty vitamin. Glutathione is a fast-acting natural ingredient that removes age spots, whitens and brightens skin, leaving it healthy and radiant. Participates in the formation of collagen and elastin. As a natural antioxidant...
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    Accutane question

    use natural acne creams like Aeno cream for example. scars can be removed only with a laser and then not in one procedure.
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    Hair loss

    Additionally, look at shampoo with DHT blocker. It reduces hair loss quickly. Perhaps steroids impacted your absorption function and supplements from food didn't absorb. Try take biotin with enzymes for better absorption