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  1. ddlapt

    DGA Organ ST Log

    Starting my log today! Bottle, lable, and colors on label look very professional! My first impression is that the label is very detailed. All the ingredients are listed (Not like other products I have used just a basic listing) and bottle was securely sealed. The main reason I wanted to try...
  2. ddlapt

    Does anybody workout sick!!

    Why do I feel guilty for not working out sick? I worked out arms about two days ago when I felt like shit. It went pretty good but man, the next few days I felt like shit. Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just stay home?
  3. ddlapt

    What you guys have to put up with!

    Saw this and was thinking of some of the stuff you guys have to put up with!!
  4. ddlapt

    Blood work!!

    Any advice is appreciated, my bun is a little high and my a/g as well. I am thinking it is because I drank last week,like a dum ass. Eos is a little high as well, isn't that white blood cells?
  5. ddlapt

    TD Pharmacom came through!!

    Happened to be home for lunch and I got a surprise! Thanks BigB for the help, good communication, and answered all my questions fast. They also through in the dbal. Thanks again!!
  6. ddlapt

    Domestic or International??

    I haven't been on this forum for long and in reading alot of posts from vets here some are reps for companies. Now it gets confusing on which company to go with or which rep. I was just wondering what do some of you on this forum look for when you are buying gear or chosing a source? Do you buy...
  7. ddlapt

    TRT Clinic problems!!

    Went to a TRT clinic today to get script for test but shit went south fast. Doctor tells me he's going to pin me every two weeks. Then he tells me I won't need aromisan or arimidex because I am getting pinned every two weeks. Then after the doctor gets done with me he sends me into a sales...
  8. ddlapt

    First cycle info

    Dylan, I have been watch your videos for a couple of months now and by far in my opinion you give the best advice and info. So, I am ready to start my first cycle. Yes my first cycle! At 42 I now have the time to keep my workouts consistent and my diet as well. Well I have done a trt...